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Lookee what I found!!

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Darrell found this on the floor and it looks so much like a tooth that we grabbed all the cats immediately and started inspecting for missing teeth - to no avail.

What do you think it is??


and front;

It looks really big but it's quite small...
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now that sure looks like a tooth to me!!! Kanga's???
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It looks like a cat tooth to me!
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yeah that's what we thought too but none of their teeth are missing! Perhaps it's an old one... you don't think it would be a claw eh? Tigger lost two claws with her escursion to the outside world but I didn't think it's a claw... They are growing back by the way.
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I'm glad there not that size!!

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I'm no feline dentist, but that's a tooth. It has probably been kicking around for long enough that the new tooth has grown in. I always kind of wondered about the whole idea of kittens loosing their baby teeth. Because I have never found one, nor seen any missing! But now you have found proof! It's not a myth after all
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When Tarka and Luca were kittens and I had just introduced Luca to Tarka, Tarka bit Luca and her tooth fell out! It was quite disconcerting. But that is exactly what it looked like.
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When my two were kittens, I used to find little teeth and what looked like hollow claws occasionally. As long as none of them are bleeding and you can't see any missing teeth, it's probably a baby tooth that's been around awhile.
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Thats a tooth ,for sure....
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Definitely a tooth. I have one of Spike's that looks almost identical.
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