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how long for another?!

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I have just brought Magellan home a little over two months ago and now I want another! If I nag and nag enough, hubby will eventually give in. he thinks it might be good idea because Mags is SOOOO scared of everything, but he is only 10% yes and 90% no. anyway, I would like to adopt another rescue. I feel compulsive, I am beginning to become afraid that I'll never stop wanting more! I was just on Petfinder and they have a petite little girl available that is just beautiful. BUT, I have told myself to wait a year before making a decision. Magellan is still new to the house and I want him to be comfortable before bringing in another. I have to stay off Petfinder!! AArghh.
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I would love another also, but i'm scared that Rosie might think her nose is pushed out as i've had her since she was 6 weeks, and she's now nearly 2 years old!.

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Good question. I think it really depends on your situation. A few things to consider -

1. Can you take care of another cat right now? Do you have the money, the space and the time?

2. How well has Magellan adjusted? from what you're describing sounds to me he still needs time to feel more secure. You don't want to add the stress of a new cat to a cat who is still trying to cope with a major change.

3. How is Magellan around other cats? maybe you can get some information from his previous owners/shelter. Some cats take very well to the company of their kind, while others may be very stressed by an "invader". His age may also be a factor here. As a rule of thumb, the younger the cat the easier it should be for him to accept another cat in his life.

4. Finally, don't forget that the personality of the other cat is also a key factor here. If and when you get Magellan a kitty friend, you want to make sure that this cat is friendly towards other cats. Don't judge by appearance, make sure you ask at the shelter and spend some time there to try to assess the responses of the cat.

And if and when you do bring home another cat, make sure you introduce the two properly. We have an article about this by our own Mary Anne (hissy) -
"I'd like you to Meet..." - Introducing Cats

Moving the thread to cat behavior where it belongs Best of luck whatever you decide.
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Oh Raquel you big-hearted furbaby lover!! LOL

Anne summed up the important points. I'll add something that a friend of mine did (successfully). She lost 2 of her 3 senior cats in a short time, waited about 6 months, then adopted 2 adults within a few months of each other. She worried about bringing in the 3rd one for a few weeks, then decided that since the adjustment wasn't entirely done anyway, go ahead, bring in the third and get all the stress over with all at once. In her case, they all adjusted within an appropriate time. But agree that you need to judge Magellan's temperament before you make any final decision. My friend also works out of her home so spent most of her time with them during their adjustment period.
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LOL, thanks Amy! This post was more of a lament anyway, kind of a half serious thing. I know it is for the best to do the wait and see scenario.
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Don't wait too long though....when I brought my second cat home my 7 year old female from the SPCA didn't have anything to do with me for almost a year. No sitting with me, sleeping with me, no talking to me...after a year and a bit she FINALLY got over it!
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