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I know I really shouldn't...

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I know I really shouldn't let Mikey have chocolate, but he loves it. I know chocolate is very bad for dogs...I believe even poisonous. Does anyone know if chocolate is sort of OK for cats? When I eat a Hershey's Kiss I just pinch off the very top of the tip for Mikey. He likes Godiva too, and I got a box for Christmas. I just pinch off a little piece of the corner. He comes running when he hears me opening up candy. What do you think? Is just a tiny, tiny, piece OK?
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No amount of chocolate is safe for dogs or cats! There is a chemical in chocolate that animals crave, which is why they want it so bad. Please do not feed anything chocolate to your cat or your dog, and if it is semi-sweet chocolate, that is highly toxic for both these animals. If you know that you shouldn't, then my suggestion is- don't!
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Hissy is right, NEVER give chocolate to dogs or cats, ever. The ingredients are theobromine and caffeine, highly toxic to pets. All forms of chocolate (including white chocolate) contain enough theobromine to cause toxicity in cats. While a tiny amount might not have caused a symptom, any more than that, and toxicity could cost your kitty his life.

In dogs (because they generally consume more, eat an entire bag of candy when the owner isn't looking), just a 1/4 oz. of baking chocolate or 2 oz. of milk chocolate per kg of body weight is potentially lethal................Traci
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My friends Labrador is proof!.

She had been given a huge box of chocolates,the ones that are so rich that even humans can't have more than 3 without feeling sick!.

Max ate the lot apart from 6!. He was violently sick, and she's lucky he's still here!.

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Thanks everyone. I always knew it was bad for dogs, but had never heard that about cats. I thought the sugar might not be too good for him, but thought the chocolate itself was probably OK. Don't worry...I won't give him anymore.

Over the holidays I had to call Poison Control because Mikey got one of my 85 year old father's pills. Actually, it was a capsule and my father must have dropped it on the floor. I found Mikey chewing it. We all know how difficult it can be to give a cat medication, but there was Mikey chewing away. I think he only got about half of it. Fortunately, it wasn't one of my father's heart medications. It was something for the stomach that didn't hurt Mikey. In talking to Poision Control I was surprised to learn that one Tylenol can kill a cat. I thought I'd just pass that information along. Although I'd never attempt to give a cat over the counter human medication, we do leave things laying around occasionally because we don't have small children. With Mikey we now have to be very careful.
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Really any over the counter medication is bad for cats, and yes, some are potentially toxic as well. It is never a good idea to deviate from diet that an animal is used to or to give meds not prescribed or suggested by the vet. I know one year I had a really sick kitty that was brought to me. The vet had me give him baby aspirin in very small amounts and I had to call the vet first before giving it each time, and then take the cat to the vet every three days to monitor the blood. The cat got better and was adopted out to a caring person and is doing great.
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