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Just when you thought you knew them

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Shep is really loving our new puppy Samson. She has always been the house pariah, but a few days after Sam's arrival, she came out of her self-imposed quarantine room (spare bedroom) and now lives in the kitchen with Sam. She tolerates his puppy antics, and usually sleeps next to him on his bed.

Shep is smart enough to know that Sam will keep the other cats at bay (at least for the time being). Sam still thinks the cats are his littermates and tries to play with them as if they were dogs. They don't entirely appreciate it, but he's learning (he's 9-1/2 weeks old and beginning to bat like a cat now), and gained enough maturity in the last week to start listening to discipline.

Anyway, here is Shep with Sam - the best of buddies right now! Who would have thought that Shep would start this behavior at her age (she's somewhere between 15 and 17 years old).
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And if wonders will ever cease.....Shep has always loved a lap, and now that she is in the kitchen, has learned that SOME of the cats really aren't all that bad.

Muddy was sleeping on my lap when Shep wanted some love. She jumped up on my lap, laid down on top of Muddy and eventually fell asleep with him. Muddy is 8-1/2 months old and the most mellow kitten you ever wanted to meet. She has repeated this sleeping with Muddy a couple of times since.

I thought I knew Shep! I guess she still has some surprises left in her!!
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I guess a leopard really can change it's spots. Or in this case a little grey and white kitty.
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How wonderful! I'm glad Shep has found a friend, and is getting over some of her fears.
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Awwwwwwwwwwww. What cute pictures.
Your puppy sure is adorable, is he a lab?

's to all
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Amy, that's another reason why I love cats. They never cease to surprise us. Your pictures are great!
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OMG! Your puppy in that picture, is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!! I love sam, I just wanna squeeze him...!!!!
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They just want to keep us guessing! What cute pics.
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AWWW! I love seeing animals get along and play/sleep with each other. It warms my heart! Your doggy is ADORABLE! !
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Shep is adorable
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Awww what sweeties
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