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Here's Chester!

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Chester is a stray we rescued three years ago. He had a badly healed broken back leg, no fur, and was skin and bones. The vets say his leg has to stay as is, but as you can see, his fur grew back (after multiple sulpher dips for mites, and he has bulked up! He is a great addition to our family.
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Oh poo! That picture turned out terrible! I am learning how to use the digital camera I just bought and it doesn't look like I've got it yet. I'll try a better picture tomorrow.
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Chester is a handsome guy!! I love the little grey markings around his face! Which of his hind legs was broken? They both look a bit stiff in the picture.
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Renae, if there is anything to be learned it is that you simply can't take a bad picture of a cat! Chester is a cutie, and he's certainly a lucky kitty to have come into your life.
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What a sweet faced baby! Don't worry about the picture Renae, I have seen worse-
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What a cutie he is . Is that a mostage he has ? If yes it is for sure cute .
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Chester is sure a cutie
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Aww, Chester is cute! He looks like he is talking to you in the picture!
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Chester, is a the mustache Im glad he has you to love.
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Oh I finally got to meet the guy I named! I mentioned him in the feral section, but see him here!!! I'm so glad you finally got a camera.
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OMG I love his mustache! He's adorable and I'm sure he knows how lucky he is to have you.
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LOL I love his little mustache!
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He's a real cutie!
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Lisa (houseofcats) was there when Chester first found us. She helped talk us into adopting him rather than trying to find a special needs home for him. And, most importantly, when I couldn't come up with a name for him...she suggested "Chester" after a character in the old Gunsmoke TV show who walked with a limp.

So...Chester has Lisa to thank for his name and his new life!

Interestingly, despite his broken leg, he is the only one of our six indoor cats who climbs to the top shelf of our 7' tall cat tree!
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hehehe - good boy Chester. I guess he trying to show you that you made the right decision and that nothing can keep him down (literally ) he certainly has a lot of spunk!

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I'm glad Chester found you!!
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Chesters a lovely boy, so sweet looking.
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He's sweet...he looks like he has a mustache
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