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Female cat peeing on everything

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My female cat has always peed on everything. I've had her since she was a kitten and no matter what I've tried she won't stop. I've gotten new litter boxes, all different kinds, tried every litter on the shelves, kept a clean house, kept her box clean, moved it to several locations, added multiple boxes. Nothing. She still pees where she wants to. Vet cleared her for any uti or other problems, multiple times. It's out of control and she even peed in my child's crib and on his baby blankets. He's not born yet but is due next week, my s/o says if I can't fix this then we have to find her a new home. He's tired of putting up with it and me defending her. I've ran out of excuses for her now though
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could be chronic cystitis (inflammation of the bladder).

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It sounds like a severe case of terratorial insecurity/anxiety. Some cats are more high strung than others (like people). There are ways to get her over this, but it will take time - especially with such a long standing issue.

First off, be sure that you always use an enzymatic cleaner to clean up after her - nothing else will remove the scent to her sensitive nose. You might want to get a black light to help you find all the old spots. Soft furnishings and carpets may need multiple treatments to get rid of the smell to her. Also, NEVER use bleach to clean up after her - to a cat, it smells very similar to their urine, and it can really confuse them.

Calming measures are important too - Feliway is a great start, but you may find Spirit Essences and/or Composure could be helpful too. Daily interactive playtime is a great stress buster, and is a wonderful way to help her claim her territory in a positive way. Make sure you have plenty of scent soakers (scratchers, cat trees, condos etc) about - again, positive ways to help her gain terratorial confidence.

Finally, have you tried Dr Elsy's Cat Attract cat litter? It often works where other things have failed. Definitely worth a try.
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If you get the clean bill of health from your vet I would watch this. Jackson does a very informative Google hangout discussion on litter box issues. 


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