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I have four 3 week old kittens, and their mother has decided that their little baby teeth are a bit too painful for her. So I've been trying to wean them with soaked kitten food, but they have no interest at all. Now they're starving and mama won't feed them!! Is there anything I'm missing?
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Well, "gruel" is usually what they are introduced to. What are you mixing the kitten food with? It usually consists of a mixture of a teaspoon of wet, teaspoon of dry and mix it with the milk replacment from the pet store so that it is like gravy. Then you put it on some newspaper or something flat. You put them near it and keep "dunking" them in it. Just to get their whiskers a little wet. Make sure they have tasted it. It may take 3 or 4 days. Try and make sure it is warm, about 85 degrees or so. I hope this helps a little!!
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I think they may be too young to wean at 3 weeks old. You may need to hand feed them with a cat milk replacement.

Read this page for more info.
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