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Favourite place in the whole world...

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Guys, I am beginning to plan my holiday that I am taking in April (yes, I am a project manager and everything has to be planned well in advance! )

I am flying to Cape Town to spend a week with Mum, step dad and brother. DH and I are then going to the Wild Coast in Natal for a week.

This got me thinking - where is my favourite place in the whole world (besides SA - which is the best ever)?

I think that these come out tops:

1) London - all that history, I would love to live there!
2) Italy - it is so fantastically beautiful - esp Florence
3) Seattle and surrounds - I was there in the Fall of 97 and I have truly never been in such a beautiful place. We travelled up to a place called Salish Lodge near the border and the colours of the trees are what I remembered the most. They still act like fireworks in my brain.

So, where are your favourite places?
post #2 of 17 home with my wife and son. Sounds corny right? I am just a home boy thats all. If I dont have either - I am nothing.
After that - Tan Hill pub (look that up on the www) - highest pub in England. Roaring coal and log fire, cat on lap - dog at feet and a cold glass of Old Peculiar in hand. Finally to complete it - sharing the drink and cat and the fire - with my father.
Thats it.
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My home country of New Zealand. There are two small towns that I so love to visit - Nelson and Akaroa.

But, there's no place like home.
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The Gower Coast It's beautiful and most of the time very peaceful.
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I wish I could say that I had traveled more places than I have. So far, and I guess that it has to do with the theory that there is no place like home, New York City is my favorite place. In general, I like the northern east coast of the United States. Outside of the city, the scenery is so beautiful. I like the varying climate. Although some of you are complaining about the snow and the cold right now, I get very bored of the year-round warm weather in Florida. I like winter clothes and colors the best, and I don't get a lot of opportunity to use them here. I also love the US history that is all around you in the northeast. My hometown in New Jersey has a most gorgeous house that predates the American Revolution. So, for me, I suppose it is home.
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Definitely the canyon areas in northern Arizona and southern Utah on the Colorado Plateau. Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. As Edward Abbey said, "when you've seen one Grand Canyon, you've seen them all". I would love to eventually land a job at BestFriend s Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah (in the middle of all this), and am volunteering at the Humane Society to gain the experience I would need to get a job out there.
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My very favourite place is my home, but other than that, I'd have to agree with Kiwideus there- New Zealand. Of course the town I stayed in has a special place in my heart, but any part of the country I visited, I loved.
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If I could handle the darkness and the cold better, I would have to say Alaska. My time there was special and the land is incredibly beautiful- or it was, I hear they are commercializing most of the places we used to go to get away- turning them into motor home parks. By far the prettiest place is Liberty Falls. You could park right next to the falls and camp and hear the roar of the water all night. Plus if we opened the doors, we could feel the spray on our faces. The people there are just as exotic as the land itself, lots of talented artists and craftsman. Just to dang cold and expensive to live there.
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My favorite places in the US are San Diego and San Francisco (fortunately I live in one and my sister lives in the other).

I also love Germany, specifically northern Germany--Oldenburg in Oldenburg (there are two of them)--although I did enjoy Trier too. I really like Europe (and as an American I tend to lump the UK in with that) because there is a similar style across the continent with subtle nuances in each area. The only place in Europe I have not liked was Luxembourg--it was dirty and the people were rude. I've liked Amsterdam, Groningen, Helsingborg, Paris, Benidorm, cities in Italy, Corfu, Athens, and London.

I would love to go to the Carribean, but have yet to go there.
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Mine is the park in the Plaza in Kansas City, MO. It has this huge fountain with life size horses and odd little sea creatures. There is a little bench close to the top of the hill, among some trees where I would go sit. It was so peaceful right in the middle of this big city.
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My top 3 favorite places are:

1) Cozumel, Mexico--Zack and I went there on our honeymoon. It was just gorgeous and I loved the cleanliness of the water there. You could see your feet (unlike the Gulf Of Mexico)...Cozumel is just wonderful and warm!

2)Seattle, Washington, USA--(I agree, Shawdowfein)I went there to visit my friend in August of was just beautiful with all the colors and mountains and I loved being right next to the water

3)Colorado Springs, Colorado--Zack and I went there for Christmas of 2001. I had never been around snow! It was an experience never to be forgotten! (Nice to place to live, I have heard from my friend that lives there)
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Off the top of my head, Salzburg, Austria. It's gorgeous, but small enough to walk around in, surrounded by the Alps, has a huge fortress, great churches, catacombs, the most beautiful cemetaries I've ever seen. That's the city where "The Sound of Music" was filmed, to give you an idea.
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America is truly a very beautiful country. I have only ever been there once and only went there on business - so to New York for a day while in transit and then to seattle, but from what I have seen, and the pictures - wow!

I love my home and South Africa is really exciting at the moment. The one thing that I miss about it though - is that it is not an OLD country, especially where I live. Johannesburg was only established in 1886. Cape Town is a little different, established in 1652 (these are obviously European dates).

You guys are all so lucky in that especially the Europeans, your history extends back thousands of years and you have all these beautiful old buildings and interesting histories. The Americas as well.

In SA, we get all excited about a building that is 100 years old!
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1. London. My hometown and so buzzy and dynamic I love it to bits.
2. Italy. Anywhere in Italy. Beautiful country, beautiful (on the whole) people and amazing history.
3. Poland. My fatherland. Where my parents come/came from and a place I am becoming more and more drawn to.
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Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

Known for it's nightlife, countryside, beaches and shopping malls!.

P.S. But 'MY' favorite place, are the Greek Islands!.
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Florence, Italy for its place in art history.

NYC, because you can do almost anything at almost anytime, because it is a pedestrian city where you do not spend much of your life in a car and because it is a city where people with roots from all over the world & a wide range of behaviors & perspectives live in relative harmony, often without even thinking about it.

I also kind of like the fact that it is somewhat weather-proof. I would love to live somewhere in the Caribbean, until I think about that island that got completely undone by a volcano a few years ago.
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My mom and I were talking about this over the weekend. We were saying that if we had all the money in the world, we'd want houses in the following places:

New York City
Fort Lauderdale, on the beach
New Orleans
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