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Hyper Cat

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Our new cat Mabel is really hyper. We were told she's 3 years old but she seems to act like a kitten still. Is that normal for a 3 year old cat? I haven't been around a "younger" one in a while. She can go from being downstairs to upstairs in about 2 seconds, is constantly spazzing and always walks in front of me when going up or down the stairs. I'm afraid she's going to make me fall down the stairs.

She's a great cat though. She's playful and loves to play with the kids.
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Some cats are just normally hyper :) It's just their personality. I have an Aby, a breed known to be super hyper. My Aby is 5 and still bounces off the walls eekyellow.gif Getting underfoot is a pain. I've dropped dinner on the kitchen floor because my Ay got underfoot :doh3: The only thing I can suggest is to be aware of your cat when heading up or down stairs and hold onto the railing (if you have a free hand) so you don't go tumbling if your cat streaks by unexpectantly.

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I usually have my son in my arms, he hasn't figured out how to go down the stairs yet. I've been trying to be careful but Mabel is sooo fast. She could be asleep and we will go near the stairs and she runs for them.
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Sounds like you just have one of those hyper cats lol My cat Blair is 2 years old and is constantly sprinting around allll the time! She even has so much energy she would wake me up to play with her, so I had to get a new kitten to keep her occupied. 

There is a chance she could calm down a bit when she gets a little older, but some cats just happen to be more energetic. Personally I love that my Blair is so playful and not one of those cats who just want to lay around on their own.

Mabel must be great with the kids! 

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She's so good with the kids. I've been teaching my son to be gentle (he's almost 1) but at first he grabbed Mabel by the side and pulled her...she didn't even care. I posted a video in the fur pictures section of her with my son.
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If you played with him every day or even twice a day until he was exhausted it would help a lot!
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