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Pleasant surprise

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Just came back from holiday vacation and I was so happy to know my Joji, the feral I adopted, is in a cat contest. The contest will finish by Jan. 13 and so she has no chance of winning.
But it is so nice to know she even made it! I am so proud of her!
You can check her out:
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Joji is beautiful, she deserves to win!
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I just voted for her
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I voted for Joji!! What a cutie
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She's beautiful. I've voted for her too.
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Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! I don't know what to say! Thank you very, very much!
But it is okay if she doesn't win. Her competition are really gorgeous too!
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Just voted for her as well.
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Joji is beautiful! And any rescued feral is a winner in my book. (But just in case, I voted for her too.)
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Guys, I just did two votes and got Joji's count from 9% to over 10%. I'm posting another vote on Monday--just a few more votes and Joji's percentile will go up. Let's get Joji to win since Toes and Tailer didn't.
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I voted for her...she's adorable
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I voted too.
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3 e-mail addys=3 votes from me
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I also voted for the pretty girl
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I voted, she is a very pretty feral. I have three ferals and just love them.
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I voted 4 times one on each email = does that count - took her to 18% - stunning colors on her.
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It looks like Joji has a commanding lead with 18% of the vote. Woo hoo for ferals everywhere!!
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I voted for her, she's gorgeous.
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Such a preety cat. good luck..
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I voted too
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