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Nose tapping

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I have a fairly new rescue baby, and he is driving me nuts! He is so naughty.
The biggest problem is that he like to play with mini blind cords. I have tried to secure them as best I can, but he goes after them with a vengeance. He has tried every one in the house. I am afraid he will hang himself, as he is still pretty lightweight. I have discovered I can get his attention by tapping his nose lightly, and make him stop doing what he is doing long enough to get the cord away from him. If I tap myself the same way, I can barely feel it. Is this a bad thing to do? I know discipline and cats do not mix, and would never hit one of them, I just want opimions on if this will hurt him. It does not seem to do anything but deter him for a few seconds, and he does not run away or cry when do it. He is a big crybaby, so if it hurt him, I think he would bite or scratch. I just don't want to hurt him, or let him hurt himself. BTW, when I leave the house, all the blinds are closed, and the cords secured, it is just when I am home that they are open.
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I either take the loop out of the blind cords or flip them over the top of the blinds so they can't even get at them (I have valances hanging over all my windows and throw the cord into the valance). Takes the need for discipline away from the situtation in the first place.

I've never tried nose tapping, and tend to train by redirection rather than punishment (unless they are doing something horrendously bad). I would suggest a firm NO, pull them away then engage them with a toy (or put them on a condo).
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I have tried the nose tapping, but I prefer the spray bottle or a firm no... Good luck Sounds like a party for awhile..
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