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Why are people so cruel?

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I picked up newspaper today and found these..... sometimes I wonder what's happening to the world.

Both articles are from Jan 10th Daily Mirror please click on the link under each title to read.


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For the first story, I think those guys need to see a psychiatrist and be given a heavier punishment. Yeah, right, always blame alcohol and drugs! This one reminds me of an incident that happened here few years ago. These drunks stole a German shepherd, killed it and ATE it. Fortunately,the dog belonged to a policeman so they were soon caught and are now languishing in jail for theft and animal cruelty.
On the second one, I feel so bad for the little girls! Because I am not from the UK, I cannot and will not ever understand what is so good about foxhunting? or training dogs to go berserk and out of control and then enjoy watching them slaughter another animal?
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Disgusting! I thought foxhunting was going to be banned in the U.K.?
The sad part is, these cases will be treated as misdemeanors.
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Theres some really sick, twisted people!.

I swear to God, if anyone ever harmed Rosie in any way, they'd better start praying for mercy, because i'd serve time for her!!

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Aw, Chelle, your babies one gorgeous ball of fluff!.

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I'm going to be sick. The, ugh, people are monsters in the first story!

Those poor little baby girls. I can't imagine how terrifying that was for them.
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Oh my god, that is disgusting I think they should be put away for a lot longer than that. Its so sad.
If anyone ever did anything to my cat with malicious intent, I swear I'd stab them to death.

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OMG! that made me so upset, to see your pet destroyed like that would be too much..

and OMG that poor mans pets, that just ripped me up.

I'm disgusted.
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