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This is it.

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It is time for me to start looking for new homes for Peedoodle and Kahu
Because it could take months to find a new home for them and it would be extra stressful on us to rush at the last minute because I know spring and summer will go by fast and I don't want to get stuck not knowing what to do at the last minute. I owe it to them to find great homes.

Peedoodle is a great boy, but he is also a little selfish, he likes everything to himself. But he is the most loving boy when he wants to be and he has his quirks - he taps you on the shoulder when he wants you to get up.

Kahu is awesome, he is so loving and when he gets attention, he purrs instantly. He will be great around other cats, he loves to play all the time and has a very sweet nature. He is also deaf which makes him extra special and he follows you from room to room. He can be a little mischievous and steals things when you least expect it - he is fast and plays with them for a while before you realise he has taken them. He is also a quick learner.

They both have to be indoor cats as Peedoodle is declawed and Kahu is deaf.

If anyone can give them good homes, it would mean so much to me and Jake, we feel so sick about leaving them but unless we find approx. $5000 in a month or so, as the process takes 4-6 months to send them to NZ as the paperwork as to be done by then we can not afford it to send them to NZ and our son is there and we want to be with him.

We can meet people halfway, depending on which state they are in and if it is further away, we will make arrangements.

Please PM me.

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Oh Kellye- I am so sorry you have to give up these special boys. I hope you find the best place for them, and I understand how painful this sacrifice is going to be for you.
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oh boy kellye!! is there no way to keep them at all?? I might be able to ask my cousin in UCLA if she wants another two cats..she's coming over this week... i'll try to ask her for you... sending you good vibes...
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Oh Kellye (((((*hugs*))))) I don't even know what to say. I would be devastated in your position.
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I'll put out a call to my local rescue groups to see whether anyone can adopt them. I wish you luck!

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Thanks Kate and Renae.
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I'm so sorry Kellye! That's gotta be heartbreaking!

(((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS to you Sweetie))))))))))))))))))))))))
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This is so very sad!!!! Take lots and lots of pictures of your two precious little furbabies to remember them by.
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Kellye - being in the UK I acn't really help . . . but I wish you all the best of luck in finding these 2 special guys a good and permanent home - and I also seriously hope the pain of separation is eased by the knowledge that the kitties will be loved for the rest of their lives.

I really do feel for you in having to leave them behind.
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Oh Kellye, my heart just breaks for you. I saw this post and tears welled up in my eyes, I can't imagine what you must be going through.

If I hear of anything I will definitely let you know. ((((HUGS))))
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Sounds like it is easier and cheaper from NZ to the US. My sister lived there for 10+years and brought her dog and cat to the US. They had to stay in lockup for 30 days before they left and then everything was a go to the US.
I wish you luck in finding homes.
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I'm so sorry you have to leave these sweet boys behind. I don't know of anyone or anywhere that can take them, but what about posting them on pet finder, or calling a local shelter to see if you can "Foster" them until they are found new homes.
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Kellye! I am so so sorry to hear about this. If I had more room in my home, I would volunteer to take them both in.. Will this move to NZ be permanent? If not, maybe u can ask one of your GOOD friends if they could foster them until you could get them back?

GOSH! This must be heartrending for u.. If u need to talk , PM me.. I will ask around and see if anyone would adopt 2 cats. Do you prefer them together or are they okay to be separated?

HANG in there.. I agree with others, post in petfinder and u can also talk to some cat rescue groups and see if they can work with u to find homes.. Another idea is to create flyers and post at libraries, post offices, malls, etc.. I know u will have a very strict screening process to ensure that they will go to very good homes....
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Pamela - you are right. I really cannot bear to part with them. I HAVE to find some way to get them to NZ, even if it kills me. I will try and see if someone can foster them until I have enough money but the problem is I dont have any close friends here around me that I trust with my cats. Especially Kahu - he has only just bonded with us and he loves us so much - its really that obvious and I don't know if I can part from him and put him through hell and make him trust a new person over again. And with Peedoodle's history, it would hurt him as well.

I HAVE to do this, I have to get them to NZ with me somehow, whether Jake likes it or not. He thinks it is easier just to give them up, but I have bonded with him more than he has and its harder. I cannot compare them with my son - I know this sounds bad, but the cats are my kids as much as my son is. He keeps giving me the comment "which is more important, Gabe or the cats?" Yes Gabe is more important than the cats but the cats are so important to me. They actually helped me in times of need, cheered me up when I needed it - Peedoodle has this lovely habit of licking my face when I am crying. It really comforts me.

Thanks for listening and if anyone can give me any advice on what to do instead of parting with the babies, I would so appreciate it.
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Kellye- is is possible to shop around for rates? I know that sounds kind of stupid, but is that even an option to find a transport company that will give you a break? Or is that the quarantine and boarding price you quoted? Did you contact Sally and talk to her?
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The quarantine (changed from NZ dollars) is going to cost $1320 NZ which is about $900 US.
I got another quote from someone nearby, they said $1500 (US dollars) per cat and that includes the vet fees, etc.
I got a reply from Sally, she said that it would cost $2800 for the cats, not including vet fees.
I have to pay a fee of $130 NZ dollars for the permit to tranport the cats which is about $90 US.
I also have to pay the vet for a new rabies shot for Kahu as he is due for it, plus I have to have them microchipped and I am still trying to find out the cost, I will put in a call to the vet soon and find out. They have to be vaccinated against Flu and Enteritis, and they will have to have medicine for tapeworm (naturally) and hookworm.

So not including the vet fees for vaccines and microchipping, it will cost me about $3990. Oh gosh. I wish I had a rich relative somewhere.
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I just looked at the paperwork that they gave me - here is the price list, in NZ dollars, I got it wrong.


Quarantine Charges:

Per Pet\t Cats\t
Quarantine fee per day\t$22\t\t
30 days\t\t\t$660\t\t
Airport Collection $110\t\t

Please note that the above charges do not include any MAF or vet fees which will be on an as charged and as necessary basis. Minimum MAF charges are NZ$36.15 for airport inspection and NZ$28.10 per weekly (5 visits in total = NZ$140.50 per pet) plus any additional blood tests or veterinary procedures if necessary.

Quarantine and MAF charges will be compulsory. Other charges will be as necessary.

So in NZ dollars, the approx value will be $1181 for both cats. I am trying to get a quote from another quarantine facility though.
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Kellye, I recalled that in one of my many talks with one lady I know who is in the cat rescue field that several times she has fostered some cats for people who moved to Europe and needed time to "transfer" the cats to their new homes... That might be one option you might want to explore- call cat rescue groups, etc and see if anyone does that.. U might have to offer to pay for food, etc as an incentive..

When do u have to move to New Zealand? Knowing the timeframe will help me to think of more ideas for u..

Another idea to get more money to pay would be to take another job to earn extra money. That depends on how soon u have to move to New Zealand though.. If u won't move until summer then that might work- work 2 jobs and see if u can earn enuff money for the expenses of moving 2 cats to NZ?

Just ideas.. Keep us posted!

Also pls check ur Pms. I just sent u a PM...
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Kellye, I can see in your posts how much you love your cats. I'm so sorry it has to be this way. If you do find a way to get them over to NZ and they are in quarintine (sp?) here in wellington, I would be happy to check on them.. BUT first of all we must find a way, I really hope something pops up, You're heart must be breaking. I'm so sorry.
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You know I'm finding the whole idea of charging you that much money to bring your cats into their country is rediculous. I understand wanting vet records & vacinations, but it all seems ridiculous. I give you a lot of credit for doing everything you can to take your babies with you. There are people who drop their cats off at the shelter when they are only moving across town. Do you have to microchip them, or is that something you want to do? Either way call around for prices. I know the humane society here will do it for cheaper than most vets. Well I wish you the best of luck & I'll pray that you find a way to take your babies with.
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Microchipping does have to be done, I think it is CYA mode from the NZ government as they probably don't want to lose a cat or something. Nothing makes sense in some of these instances.
I am still trying to find a way. Only problem is convincing hubby, he has given up already.
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