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site questions

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Yes, it's me again, the one who isn't computer savy. I tried to post a reply and couldn't. I saw no way to answer these people. Also, I tried getting an avatar ( I did learn something !) and read the FAQs, but it didn't tell how to get an avatar under your name. I clicked and clicked and nothing happened. How do you work this stuff? Where, and how, are people getting cute, animated pictures on their postings? I think I just got a smiley. What do the different envelopes, by people's names, mean?
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Bailey if you check your PM's you will find one from me. How you check it is you go into your user options, found at the top of the forum, and click it- then click where it says Private Message and go to your inbox you should see it there.
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Hissy, once again I can't find what you described. I looked for PM so I could read your reply and there is no PM. I also can't find what I wrote. How do you see what you wrote? Where did it go? I looked under PM and it said there isn't any. The only user thing I saw was the user cp above and that wasn't it. I'm wasting so much time trying to get the computer basics that I'm not getting into what I wasnt to do , which is read and talk about cats.
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The only "option" button I see is edit option and the only "user" is user cp.
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Ok You want to click where it says User CP- that is You (User) and that is CP- Your Control Panel- when you click there you will see several other options My Vb Home Edit Profile Edit Options keep on that same line and see where it says at the end Private Messages? Click there. That should take you to your inbox and you will see my message to you. I responded to your PM to me awhile ago. It still shows in my message tracking as being unread so it should still be there for you.

I am sorry you are having so much of a problem accessing this board. Most people just fly right through it once they get the hang of it-
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Thanks for trying to help but I still can't find anything from you. I have pressed every button to no avail. I went to user cp, clicked on messages and 0. I pressed on new messages, tracking, there were some drop down things I did, one said inbox and that had nothing. Anything with the word message written on it I pressed. then I pressed every singel button on that page and still didn't see anything. The last thing I saw posted was my other question of "what is PM?" I'm going to stop trying to learn this site as it is causing me great frustration. I will simply check in and read what others are writing. I'm sure I'll find plenty to read on topics of interest to me. I thank you for your help. I swear I'm doing what you instruct but I'm so dumb at this that that is why I end up pressing everything. Anyway I saw no message from you but that's the way it is. Once again, thanks for all your effort.
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It now says you have read it, it would be in your in bin unless you have already deleted it?
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Perhaps you could forward it to her again, hissy? Also, Bailey, you can access your Private Messages (PM) by clicking on the words "Private Messages" at the bottom of the main page of the forums. It will tell you if you have any new messages, as well. If you click on that link, you will be taken directly to your inbox, where any messages you have received will show up. You click on the title of a message to open it (just like a thread on the board).
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Done and resent-
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I am new and I have questions already. I belong to another cat lovers forum and that one clearly indicates how to post a new message to a thread whereas this site seems to require a new thread or is "reply" the same as new message?

I also have tried to post and it didn't "take". I have no idea why. I did receive an error message to a picture I tried to attach but it didn't say it blew away the entire message. Would the rest of the message be deleted if the attachment was incorrect?
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luvcatz, look at the bottom of the very last post in this thread. On the right side you will see two buttons, the one to the left says "new thread" click this button only if you want to start a completely new thread. The button to the right says "post reply" this is the button you click if you want to reply to a thread.

There are two different ways to post pictures here. Click on this link http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=14474 and you will be taken to a thread with full instructions on how to post pictures. Please let us know if you need further help.
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And if the picture file you tried to attach was too big, you needed to click 'back', delete the file, and then submit the reply without it.
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OK, I just sent you a PM.. It said "Email Notification Sent" so you will get an email in your email inbox, follow the instructions there. Let me know if you receive it.
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