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My Baby Sugar

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She has the sweetest personality I have ever encountered in a cat. She is totally trusting and so calm for a kitten.
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Baby just started sleeping this way.
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What a pretty little girl! I just love torti's.
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I have never had a tortie before. I always found them so strange looking. But of course I have totally changed my mind since getting her. She looks like she will be marbled on her sides and mostly black everywhere else. She is still growing. And she is starting to get shiny fur instead of kitten fluff. We are very close as I bottle fed her. She was found in a wood pile. I was not able to get any of the other kittens.

She rides my shoulder like a parrot. And she is so good about letting me clip her nails. I found her October 6, 2003. And I figured her to be three or four weeks old when found.
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She is very beautiful!
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What a pretty kitten.

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What a total sweetie! I, too, had never had a tortie before my Cindy-bun, and am a complete convert -- absolutely besotted with those incredible golden eyes, the sweetness, and the "tortitude"!
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What an adorable little girl she is! I love torties, I think they are so pretty.
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What a pretty little girl she is

I love torties and their tortietudes
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Your baby sugar is a sweety pie, I see you are the form early too!! good morning
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I am a morning person. I arise at dawn and I go to bed early too. This has always been my way. I can get a whole lot done in the wee hours of the morning.
Good morning to you also!
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She's gorgeous, can't wait to see more pics.
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She's such a pretty baby! She has gorgeous big eyes.
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