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Macy's newest photos

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I made this catbed for my daughter but Macy needed to try it out first.
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She needs to grow a whole lot before she fills this bed.
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AWWWWWWWW!! Macy is very cute.
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Now how cute is this?
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Oh I just adore Macy. What a beautiful kitty.
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Wow Macy is gorgeous! More pics please!
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Macy is so purrdy!
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Macy is beautiful!

I get warm memories from your posts Subee. My mom was a quilter and every time she gave me one, reminded me in her own sweet Mom way that she didn't really want the cats to lay on the quilts. I've hung a few of them on the walls rather than put them on the beds in her honor - I lost her in January 2000 to cancer.

I know you are an excellent quilter and also a cat lover. I just snicker inside when I see your cats laying on your quilts and think of Mom's polite protests for cats and her quilts.

Thank you for sharing these!
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Quilting is one of the most rewarding hobbies I have ever pursued. I was a manic crocheter and also loved to cross stitch. But these items, though lovely to look at, did not WARM the maker nor the recipient.
I do not mind cat fur on my quilts except when I am making one for someone I know has allergies or has chosen a dark fabric for part of their quilt. I made my hubby a guitar quilt and used black for sashing strips and don't you know that little bit of black gathered every bit cat hair in the house!
I am sorry for your loss of your mother but am pleased you do have her quilts to remember her by. I know when I go that I have left a part of me with everyone I loved.
Baby Sugar is my sewing kitty. When I first got her she needed constant care so she was in my sewing room for two weeks. As a result of this she supervises every project now. She really enjoyed the cat beds I was making. She tried out all 20 of the first batch. I know I posted a pic of that. She was worn out. She only needed to touch the iron once with her nose to know to leave that hot thing alone. And she is a climber. I have found her in places I shudder to think how she made it up there. She uses the kitchen cabinet handles as a ladder!
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Macy is adorable, I love the picture with all 3 in a row sleeping.
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Macy is very pretty! And I love her name too. It's one of my favorite little girl names!
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My husband named this newest addition to our cat family. Macy is the name of the town where she was born. And I wanted him to name her so he would feel part of the adoption. I had no need to worry. Macy loves men! She won him over the first day.
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