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Kangeroo Cat

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Just dug up this Photo of Mentos from quite some time ago. Ellen in the picture is Mentos' mom, I'm the dad
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Hee, hee, he is terribly cute there!( Of course I haven't seen a pic of him yet that wasn't cute !)
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Oh that is adorable!!
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What a cute picture!
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Awwww, what an adorable pic, that's such a cute expression on his face (and hers too!)
He was such a special kitty.
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I love that!! Very cute! Your wife is very pretty too!
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How adorable.
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just gf for now but thanks.
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That is a really sweet pic!
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Such a sweet face
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Mento is so cute ,he looks like a big cat. I love tabbys......
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What a great picture! He is so adorable...and has the sweetest eyes I've ever seen.
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Oh how cute is that!
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What a great pic
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