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Does anyone use a Litter Maid?

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Does anyone use a Litter Maid? We are considering getting one. First of all, are they safe? Do they work? Would it be practical with 7 cats? One of the probalems I have heard concerning it is that it makes a lot of noise and scares the cats. I don`t want to invest that much money into something that the cats won`t use. I would appreciate any information, experiences, advice anyone can offer, both positive and negative. Thanks!
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Hi Tiggeytoees,

I have a littermaid. I like it a lot. But I only have 2 cats. Even with 2 cats the waste recepticals have to be emptied once every 3 days. I keep mine in the basement and my cats don't seem to be scared by the noise, at least not that I can tell. They use it religiously and have never had an accident. I think it's worth it if you have 1 or 2 cats, but with 7 you would have to empty the waste out a couple times a day. Unless you got a couple of them and that's a lot of $$$$.

Donna has an opinion on this and I know she will post when she she's your thread. Her and I have talked about the littermaid pro & cons many times.
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I bought one for my dad when they first came out. When he passed away I tried it for my cats but they were afraid of it because of the noise. They could've improved over the last 4 years but I'm not sure. At the cat show this weekend I was talking to someone who said they've gone down in price and they hold alot more litter than they used to.

Personally, unless they've improved greatly, I doubt they'd be any good for 7 cats. The waste compartment is small which means you'd be emptying it frequently. They are safe. The rake scoops the box 10 or 15 minutes after the cat goes in it. It has some kind of mechanical thing that prevents it from scooping while the cat is in it.

Let me know what you decide and how you make out. I'd love know.

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Craig and I got one. We thought "Woo hoo, something that scoops.. and its big too!"

Well we have 3 cats. We got the biggest Litter Maid they offered. I think it was the Mega Litter Maid Deluxe.. or something like that. Anyway we paid $200 for it. After about a month of having it.. we tossed it.

Like AP said the recepticals had to emptied.. every other day with 3 cats. Not only that.. but cleaning that thing was a hassle. (I am a neat freak when it comes to their litter) The tray that holds the litter comes off of the actual machine. You empty the litter and then put it back in. I always cleaned it first. The rake which scooped the litter also got fecal matter stuck to it alot.

Also, the rake was constantly getting stuck and was having a problem going back. We got fed up with it pretty quickly. Having a normal litter box and using feline pine is working much better for us.

I think with one.. or maybe even two cats.. the littermaid would be nice.. but 3 or more and its not fun. This is of course.. just my opinion.
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I agree. I had the same problems with the very first one they came out with. I eventually gave it away. Why is it the gizmos on tv always work so much better than when you buy one??? Don't get me wrong, I hate to scoop. But at least when I have regular litter boxes, I can put as much litter in as I want, AND I can submerse the boxes in water. Something you can't do with a littermaid.

So there!

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Had my littermaid 2yrs. Have 3 cats, 1 regular box. It does make a noise, but I don't think it loud. I clean it every 2 weeks and empty it every morning (and evening if it needs it). Smoky, 3 months, loves it. If she's in another room and hears it, she runs to it. She sits on the open lid and watches it close, then jumps on the rake and rides it back then jumps out of the box without jumping in the litter. Toby, my adopted boycat, never used one so he still uses the regular box. Salem has always used whatever I had. She's never been picky.

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Had one given to me once, would never buy one, to darn spendy if you ask me. My motor burned out the third day! Reason, it would turn itself on every time a cat used it, so one cat would use it, then another then another....if you have one or 2 cats, it would be worth it to buy one, but with multiple cats it creates more problems than it fixes. Of course this was about 2 years ago and they are supposed to now have a deluxe model. I sent the motor and a letter to the company telling them what happened. I never heard back.
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We have a Litter Maid. Hubby bought it and since he handles the litter, if he likes it we keep it. With two cats, it should really be emptied twice a week though he doesn't do it that often. Also, when the batteries are low it doesn't fully scoop out the clumps and the cats don't like to use it then. If you get one, I suggest rechargeable batteries, You will need 16 - 8 in the machine and 8 charging - which is quite pricey, but buying batteries every week is even more money over time.

If it was my, my preference in a stainless steel pan (no stain no sticking no smell) and the recycled newspaper litter. Just dump it every day in those plastic grocery bags and rinse with hot water. But I'm not much for new tech if the old method works just fine . . .
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Well, I live in Portugal, and I didn't even knew a thing like this existed! For my cats, I have a very normal litter box. I once upon a time tried to put a cover on the litter box: bad idea! One of my cats, Melisse, started pooping on the cover, she didn't want to go in the litter any more. So... I threw it away...

I think she wouldn't get used to a litter maid...

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I dont know where I've been but I never knew they existed. I dont mind scooping so I'll just stick to the same thing. That's funny Anne-Claire that your cat pooped on top of the box lid. I have been lucky with my guys. They had open litter boxes but I switched to covered ones and they dont mind them. I like them because two of the litters are in my studio and it keeps odors down a lot.
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Originally posted by Elinor
That's funny Anne-Claire that your cat pooped on top of the box lid. I have been lucky with my guys. They had open litter boxes but I switched to covered ones and they dont mind them. I like them because two of the litters are in my studio and it keeps odors down a lot.
Yes! That's why we tried the covered ones. However I have to add a note: each time Melisse is worried about something she poops on top of what she can find, the higher the better (on top of closets, tables, chairs, stairs anything will do...) Fortunately, she is not worried often!

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Thank you everyone for your responses. I now have a clear idea of the litter Maid. The consensus seems to be that it it fine for one or two cats, but for a multi-cat family....it just isn`t practical. Sounds like I`ll toss that idea with the used kitty litter!
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