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Moron Ahoy!

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The following is an excerpt from a thread on another forums pet section. I can't believe this guy is planning on leaving his cat and dog for TWELVE DAYS while on vacation. His original question for the post was "will my dog eat my cat"

Lioness came out of the closet to say:

you're going to leave them alone in the house while you're on vacation?


good luck

well i will leave a bag of dog food and cut the bag open on the side and the bathtub full of water ( for food ) then put some newspaper down so he doesnt :censor::censor::censor::censor: all over my carpet, ill only be gone 12 days
ONLY 12 days!!!
And then his reply to the obvious answer "put him in a kennel"

element came out of the closet to say:
i have a kennel but its so small, wont my dog get cramped in there for 12 days? i guess thats the best way to go though, i know he cant kill my keke if hes locked in a kennel, thanks for your help :]
MY GOOD GOD can people be this moronic????
He got a flood of angry responses after this, but I'm very afraid that he's already left for vacation.
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The person could just be making this stuff up, though these days nothing surprises me. I did take off the link to the other board, for experience has shown us here that leaving links to other boards with troublesome posts will sometimes invite board wars to start.

But again, some people just love to post things and start trouble. If he truly is uneducated about dog care, then perhaps someone over there can enlighten him without it bursting into flames. I mean just watching one episode of Animal Precinct Miami last night left me just shaking my head wondering how people could be so dense when it comes to basic animal care!
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I would seriously hope he's making it up.

I feel like the Ambassador of Common Sense over there. I don't know a ton about dogs, but I try to answer all the kitty questions as best I can, or direct them to sources that help. By no means am I suggesting a board war, that would be bad news with those people. Everyone already gave him a thorough tongue lashing as is.
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I'll bet some did, but I hope others did really try to help him, because sadly there are some people in the world today that do not have a clue about caring for pets.
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