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Help stop the killing of feral cats in Israel -

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Here is an importaqnt message, please help!

As a result of a single case of rabies in a cat in the Kfar Saba, Israel
> area, plans are underway for a mass poisoning campaign.
> Please send polite emails to the following leaders asking them to stop
> this campaign reminding them that this is not the way developed countries
> handle this type of situation and that this action will not prevent the
> spread of rabies. Ask them to demand comprehensive oral
> rabies vaccine campaigns for wildlife and affordable vaccine programs for
> domestic animals. Also tell them that you will boycott Israeli products
> and avoid visiting Israel until this campaign and the others like it are
> cancelled.
> In addition to the emails please send faxes to the mayor of Kfar Saba.
> Mayor of Kfar Saba : fax +97297659555
> mayor@ksaba.co.il
> Minister of Agriculture Israel Katz
> sar@moag.gov.il
> Minister of Health Danny Naveh sar@moh.health.gov.il
> Minister of the Interior Avraham Poraz sar@moin.gov.il
> Ellen
> Cat Welfare Society of Israel Homepage:
> www.cats.org.il
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That is so awful! Why do governments have to go so far overboard in their responses to one bad event?!

I will write right away.
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thank you!

thanks to you and pressute from all around Israel and actually - from all around the world - the mayor decided to delay the killings by 2 days. giving us time to organize our material and show him alternatives.

We were demonstrating there this morning, and some reporters came to tell the story, which really helped!!

Im pleases, I just hope our meeting tonight with the mayor and the sadistical Vet will be productive. This is an on-going problem in Israel, because some very ignorant people have strong position in the public administration sector.
We actually brought some examples of how the Americans handle the rabies to show the mayor. We think you handle it best.

Thank you! keep your fingures crossed for us!
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Well done Nunny! Rabies is a real concern for our family. We live in the outskirts of our town and jackals come very close to our backyard - sometimes coming inside our backyard! Two weeks ago there was a case of rabies 2 kilometers away from us across the fields so we suspect those jackals could very well become infected... We took all of our cats to have their boosters earlier - just to be on the safe side.

As far as I know there were actually 20 cases of rabies in the past few weeks in the Sharon region (that's where Kfar Saba is).

Of course, this doesn't mean I support the cruel and foolish plan of mass murdering cats and dogs! Not only is it inhumane, I also think this is not effective! How is that going to solve the risk from wild animals? or do they plan to destroy the wildlife of Israel as well? The only solution, like Nunny said, is mass vaccinations of wild animals with oral vaccines and mandatory cheap vaccines for pets.
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