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Kitty Constipation?

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Help!!! My sweet little Sebastian is letting out weird meows, scratching at things & kind of squatting or sort of holding his bottom at the ready-to-poop angle. Nothing comes out. He's suddenly taken to hiding in the closet which is a sure alarm in my mind. I just bought kitty treats that are supposedly a hairball remedy, we'll see if they help at all.
Does anyone know what's going on with him? Is he having a bout of kitty constipation? Is it necessary for him to go to the vet?
Any help is appreciated.

Mr. & Mrs.Catzilla Sebastian & Theo
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If you have some mineral oil, mix a little bit of it with canned cat food and water to make a gruel and see if that helps. But yes, he needs to see a vet- quickly.
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To the vet then. Is it kitty constipation? Does he need to have more wet food from now on?
Thx for the responce.
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It could be constipation, a blockage of hair or? - but the vet will be able to help you. Sometimes it helps to purchase a fountain for the cats to drink out of, they seem to drink more when the water moves around, versus stays still in a bowl.
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We've got a fountain. Acutally, it looks like a little kitty sized water cooler.
A friend suggested something like 'Petromalt' I think its called? She found it helped her kitty with this sort of blockage issue. Does anyone think I should try this then (if unsuccessful) try the vet or is it important to get him immediately to the vet? I want to do the right thing for him, he's the best kitty & I love him with all my heart. My husband's inclined to think constipation isn't a big deal & that we should try the medicine before rushing to the vet. Thoughts?
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I'd take him to the vet just in case it's not a rear end issue, but a urinary issue which can be fatal. It's better to be safe than sorry, and vets can... remove the rectal blockage if need be. I use laxatone, which is sort of like the petromalt, for my constipated cat and it helps her a lot.
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Well, we got the petromalt, came home & found to our surprise that (it seems) the kitty treats with goo in the center have 'cleared up' the problem. He's himself again and Theo is just as happy as we are to have Sebastian back to normal.
Thank you all for calming some very frazzled kitty momma nerves!
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