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Anne is home again

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Hey everybody
Good news!
Anne is home again! She is fine and so is the baby!
She is restricted to bed for a week, so she can't post.
Thank you all for your love and care.
All the posts are really touching.
Anne sends her love to you all!

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I'm glad she is doing better. I'll bet she is counting down the hours until she can be up and around again. I'll keep you all in my thoughts.
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Thank you for updating us Alpha.

Good luck Anne. Get lots of rest!
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Alpha, Anne, and Baby; This is truly the best news I will get today! Anne, you mind your doctor's orders and stay in bed the FULL week. Alpha will do everything! We will all miss you but we LOVE you more. . . .
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I am so happy things are good. Make sure she stays in bed and tell her we are here for her.
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This is wonderfull news. I am so happy that Anne and the baby are ok. Please tell her hello and that my thoughts and prayers are with her.
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I'm so happy! This news makes my day.

thanks for letting us know Alpha.
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That's wonderful news! Thanks for telling us Alpha. You three will still be in my prayers.
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Tell her we miss her alot and to keep her tush in bed like the doctor tells her. Remind her how much we love her. That kid is going to have alot of aunts and uncles on this webiste!


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Hey Anne, you BETTER stay in bed now. Once baby arrives you won't be getting much sleep! LOL So relieved everything is okay, but what a scare this must be.
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YIPPIE! I'm so glad Anne and the baby are doing well!
:blubturq: :
A to you and after your baby is born there'll be a HUGE
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Yay! This is the best news I'll get all week. I'm very happy to hear Anne and baby are doing well. Lots of love goes out to all three of you. Get well soon Anne.. and stay in bed!
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That's great news! I'm so happy for all 3 of you! Make sure Anne stays in bed! We want that baby to be big and healthy as can be! Did they find a reason why she started bleeding again? I'm so happy that everything is ok!
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I am so happy that Anne is home, and the baby is fine!!! (breathes sigh of releif) Tell her we her, and to stay in bed till she is stronger, we will take care of things here, till she returns, and we promise to behave ourselves and not have any catfights!
Thanks for keeping us informed on how she is doing, Alpha....you are a great husband, and will be such a great father!
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Yay! It's always good to be home. Do whatever it takes to stay healthy, both mommy and baby.
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Hooooraah!! So glad to hear that!! What good news to brighten up my day!! Sending lots of love and cat purrs your way!!

ooops, how could I forget my other kitty!! the shame!!
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It was good news to hear Anne is home and everything is fine. I hope she will get the rest she needs and will be back to her regular schedule soon. I will keep you all in my prayers.
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Anne, Alpha!
I haven't been on the site for a while so I'm not aware of what's happened but whatever it is I'm glad everything's OK now. I'm sending you lots of love and keeping you three in my thoughts!
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