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Really need Board Magic !

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Hi Guys,

After losing my job 10 months ago, I finally got asked back in for a second interview at a really good company. I just have to get through a second interview with the CEO and I'll get the offer. The only problem is in today's crappy job market something always seems to happen and I keep losing out.

I've sent out close to 200 resumes. I've had several interviews where I have come in second place, or a less qualified minority gets the job, or the old "Hiring Feeze" starts, or the hiring budget gets cut, etc etc.

This time the position is PERFECT. Good salary, good location, even an office! I'm supposed to have the second interview next week, but I don't know when yet. The CEO was out of town this week, so a time has not been set yet. I'm supposed to get a call Mon or Tues to set up a time. I just hope this time I get chosen for the job.

My family has suffered. The holidays were miserable for us. I want my career back! I want to be able to take care of my family the way I used to. In short I NEED a BREAK!

So please please please....send my board magic. Pray. Even do the mexican hat dance if you think it will help.

Thanks Guys!

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I hope you get the job! Sounds like you're due.

Sending lots of "Get the job" vibes your way!!
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Sending you lots of positive vibes! Good luck!
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I'm sending lots-0-vibes right now! I know what it is like to be out of a job. I just went back to work after 4 months of not having one. It was especially worriesome because my income is all I have. Too much stress.
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Well I hope you get that job. Sounds like a great one. Im still looking for a job too.
Good luck,

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Sending get-that-job vibes! I just had a second interview this week and should hear on Monday. I need this job, because I heard through the grapevine that I am going to be laid off on Tuesday.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!!!
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Sending positive vibes your way!! I've noticed that a lot of jobs open up after the first of the year after companies get over their end of year budget cuts. Here's hoping that is what is happening with your career!!
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Sending positive, "Get that Job" vibes your way.
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Dancing around my mexican hat vigorously for you. Hope you get that job!
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I will pray for you that you will get his job :angel2:
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Lotsa Get That Job vibes on their way!
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sending good job vibes to you
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Always, always! Think positive and remember you deserve where you are Good luck! and may thee fair well
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