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How to?

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Get rid of the smell of mothballs out of a text book?
Jake got a text book for school yesterday and he asked for some used ones and they gave him one. Only problem is it STINKS to high heaven of mothballs. Short of setting fire to it and burning it, how do we get rid of the smell? Its unbearable.

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The only way I know to get rid of mothball smell is to leave it outside in the sunlight. But I just checked the internet and believe it or not:

Put white vinegar on a slice of white bread. Place the smelly object and the bread into a brown paper bag and fold over the top to seal tightly. (Don't put the bread on top of the object) This should get rid of the smell
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My DH orders old train books sometimes and they smell very musty... putting them in a plastic container with a box of baking soda for a while helps sometimes.
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