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New here...

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this is my first post here. Just wanted to introduce myself: until last week I had 4 cats. Unfortunately, my oldest and lovely Cleo died of cancer last week. She was 13 and I am feeling so sad.

We are left with 3: Melisse (12y), Thea(11y) and Sebastian (7y).

I wanted to share with you this site:http://www.thecatgallery.com/
where the artist painted parodic paintings of cats of famous people. it's really good, and the she has a section on her own cats that's a real treat...

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Welcome Anne-Claire! I too recently lost one of my kitties so I know how you feel. He was 17 years old. We have 2 other cats...Spooky and Speckals. They are brother and sister and are 6 years old. We also recently befriended a mom cat and her 3 babies. They are living under our front porch and have come to be known as our PORCH PURRERS.
Again welcome and I'm sure you will enjoy this place as much as I do!!

I looked at that web site. It was interesting. Thanks for sharing.
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Welcome, Anne-Claire ! We love new members; our family will never be too big as not to have room for one more "Cat Lover". I have been a cat caregiver for over 30 yrs. and it never gets an easier to say goodbye to one. My deepest sympathy on the loss of your "Feline Friend" Please share stories and memories of her, as well as your current "family". Hope to see you posting here often.

TLK and her 6 =^.".^='s
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Welcome to The Cat Site! I'm glad you found us, there's a great bunch of people here.

I'm sorry to hear about your Cleo. It's so sad when a pet passes away.

Come and visit us often!
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Hi Anne-Clair!

First of all.. Welcome to The Cat Site! It's an extreme pleasure to have you and I hope you stick around and share your thoughts and opinions as well as ask any questions you may have!

I am so sorry to hear of your lose. It's a painful thing to lose one of the family.. and our furbabies are definitely "family".

I am new to being owned by cats. So I'm still in the process of learning a LOT of things. However, let me tell you about my three boys.. since you've told me about your babies!

I have three, four month old siamese boys. Their names are Sebastian (btw, that is a wonderful name.. I see one of your cats shares it too!), Andrew (Drew for short), and Jacob (Jake for short).

Again, its wonderful to have you here. Please stick around!
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Anne-Clair....welcome to the forums, and I hope you will post often, so we can get to know you better. I too have a cat named Sebastion....guess it is a popular name!
I am SO very sorry to hear of your losing your precious Cleo....please accept my condolences, and know that my prayers are with you....it is really hard to lose our furbabies, it hurts so bad....but your Cleo is in a much better place, where the catnip is everywhere, and so very many mice to chase, and lots of love from the God above. Kittyfoot who is a member here, made a beautiful post, I wish I could find it right now, to copy it here for you....it was about Thunder and Lightening....... about how the sound of thunder is really all the footsteps of beloved cats stampeding to their owners when they die....oh I hope someone will copy that here for you, since I am obviously making a mess of it!!!!
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Debby...I remembered where I saw it. It was on the 3rd page of your Why, why,why??? post.
Folks..I just had a funny little thought re-reading the Rainbow Bridge. Since there are so many of us who have had many cats in our lives..when one of us gets there the cry might be STAMPEDE!!! Perhaps that's what thunder really is...the rumble of many joyous kitty feet running to meet their loved ones...and lightning is really caused by all the kitty angel halos flying when the collision occurs??
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Thank you for all your welcomes! I would never have guessed there were so many Sebastians out there... By the way, that's his official name because the kids abreviated it to "titin" because they couldn't manage to pronunciate Sebastian. And of course it stuck...

I am sure my Cleo is in a better place, maybe at Rainbow Bridge, but it's very hard on us poor humans... Now I will listen to thunder in a different manner....

She was very special, of course... She used to play soccer in the stairs with paper balls, we only had to look at her for her to start purring, she had that way to ask to be petted (she looked at us with round eyes, started to move up her front legs...). Although she could go out of the house, she was very much an indoor cat that participated to each and everyone of our family events. Like putting kids to bed or helping them wake up. You should have seen her sitting patiently throught the kid's birthday parties... and lots more of course...
She was never sick in her all life, and then one day she stopped eating, 6 days later she was gone. The vet said we could'nt do anything: it was too late, cancer was everywhere. So hard...

Our 3 other cats are much more "free spirits" coming and going as they please and the house seems empty since she is gone. But... we are all healing slowly and remembering good moments... I am a painter, and I am sure one day when I am ready, I will paint her...

Thank you all for such warm welcomes...

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Anne-Claire, first of all, WELCOME!! we are so glad to have you join us!!

Secondly, Im so sorry for your loss, it really is hard isn't it? . Still, I rekon your little baby is at the Rainbow Bridge playing around with all the other little smurfs, I bet she's met my two little up there!! (Tetley at only 6 months old, and Ebony at just 8 weeks old.. ) I hope shes looking after little Ebony for me!!

Hope to see you posting lots - you're always welcome!!

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Originally posted by BodLover
(Tetley at only 6 months old, and Ebony at just 8 weeks old.. ) I hope shes looking after little Ebony for me!!
I am sure she is! Although she never had babies (she was spayed), she was like a mother for Melisse. And she was very good at that, I am sure she is looking after Tetley and Ebony very well... :angel4:

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Welcome Anne-Claire!!!
I'm sure you'll enjoy it a lot here, just like we all do! Hope to see you posting often.
Sorry to hear about your little Each one of has has left a precious baby at the bridge and I do believe they are all up there playing with each other and taking care of each other!
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Hi and welcome.I am so sorry about your Cleo's passing. It is so hard to lose a beloved pet. They are family.She sounds lovely. All you can do is cherish the wonderfull memories and they will keep her alive in your heart.

Thankyou for sharing the site. I love it and have put it on my favorites. I especially love the one of Van Gogh's bad cat eating the sunflowers . As I like to paint as well I always enjoy seeing other artist's creations. They are fantastic!

Ps When you are ready you will pick up that brush and paint her from your heart. Take care.
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Thanks Billie and Elinor,

I am great I found that site (pointed to me on another forum not related to cats), I am feeling better already by sharing this with cat lovers...
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Welcome, Anne-Claire, to The Cat Site! It's nice to meet you and yours!

Please accept my condolences on the passing away of your beloved Cleo. What we feel at such a time cannot be reduced to words, but know I too have experienced the pain of such a loss. Eventually, your happy memories of Cleo will outweigh the sadness you now feel.

Thank you very much for the link to that wonderful cat-art web site! It's simply fabulous! It's going to be my favorite "e-card" site henceforth.

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Thank you Mr Cat, one of my favourites is Miro's cat: it's so difficult to discover the cat and the bird!

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Anne-Claire, I just want to say one more time how happy I am that you have found us here, and joined us, and although I am truley sorry about Cleo, you are so lucky to have had her with you for 13 years....I pray to God that I have Merlin for even half that long, if possible!!!!!!!!!!!! He will be a year old the first of next month, and I worry constantly that something will happen to him, that he will be hit by a car while outside, or catch some horrible cat disease....but I have to let him outside, he wants out so bad most of the day.
I feel your sadness and I am so very sorry. It is heartbreaking when a cat we love is gone....but they are waiting for us, I just know it.
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