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What should I do? Please, I need advise.

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Do any of you remember about a month ago, I was trying to get help, figuring out ebay? Well, I finally got the hang of it, and I've been on a bidding and buying frenzy, purchasing vintage and limited edition "My Little Ponies". Most of the sellers have been really honest, and have just great and very honest, and I've recieved my merchandise in a very timely manner.

However, there are a couple of sellers, that I think might be ripping me off. One in particular, has some negative feedback, not a lot, but some. Anyway, what happened was I ordered a limited edition 2003 My Little Pony from her called Snowflake (one of the 3, 2003 Holiday Ponies). I purchased it, on the "Buy it Now" option, so I paid a very inflated price for this pony. Anyway, after about 2 weeks she sent me a Holiday Pony, but she sent me the wrong one, so I emailed her and told her she had sent me Candy Cane, instead of Snowflake, and she said for me to send the wrong one back, Priority with a recipt confirmation, which I did. This was going on 3 weeks ago. I have yet to recieve the pony I was supposed to recieve, and when I emailed her about it, she ignored my email. Ok, I've just about accepted the fact that I will never see Snowflake, at least not the Snowflake I ordered from her, and that I have lost the over $25 that I paid for this little $7 pony. But here is my problem. I think she deserves negative feedback from me, but I'm scared to give it to her. I've noticed that she retaliated against those people who have given her negative feedback. Since I'm new on ebay, I really can't afford negative feedback at this time. Should I just accept my loss, and consider it a lesson learned? Or should I give her the feedback she deserves, and take the chance that she will warn all Sellers against me? Personally, I think she is somewhat of a scam artist, and shouldn't be allowed to rip people off.
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You can get her contact info (name and phone number) from eBay and call her. If you paid via Paypal, you can file a complaint with them and they will work to get your money back. I would hold off on leaving negative feedback just yet; you've got I believe 60 days to leave feedback. I have gotten retaliatory negative feedback, so I know what you mean and I understand your worries. Worst case, if she gives you bad FB, you always have the option of responding, which will post your response underneath. Just note that it is retaliatory, etc. People will figure it out.

Good luck!
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I should add, you must file your complaint with PayPal within 30 days of the end of the auction.
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I have no advice for you, but Hope I wish you lots of luck.
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I would definately leave negative feedback! Don't feel bad for doing it, thats what negative feedback is for... people whom have a negative experience. I've sold stuff on Amazon's marketplace sellers and I *always* do my best to make sure the buyer is pleased, even when it means taking a loss.

My DH purchased something on eBay and didn't receive it, so he left negative feedback. Turns out the guy was at a funeral for 3 weeks in another state...
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You can responded to feedback so if she leaves you neg feedback in return you can explain that you paid for the item and tried to work it out. I'm fairly old to ebay and i STILL get scared about leaving negative feedback. Ebay has this great online help where you can talk to a really person, why don't you try that and see if there is something you can do through ebay with out having to leave negative feedback. I think there are are few other options to try. Good luck!
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