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Sleeping Beauties

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Do you sleep with your cats?

Husband & Gypsy

Me,Roxie(dog),Spike,Gypsy,Bailey, and Mandy(dog)
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OMG LMAO!!!!!!!! What great pics

Mine dont sleep with me
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Oh yeah, this is familiar.

I don't have pictures, but Scotty sleeps on my chest (constantly head butting for more love) and Belle sleeps either on Andy's head or mine. It's like a "Cat Helmet"

Everyone looks so cozy, can I climb in??

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That's great! I bet you are nice & warm at night! Cupid sleeps with me, under the covers. I slept on the floor with him a couple times and he'll wake up in the middle of the night, get off his heated bed, and crawl under the covers with me.
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Oh yeah. Usually Levi is in the cat bed I put at the foot of the bed. Jordan on the other hand varies night by night. Usually he sleeps with his head in my arm pit (? maybe he likes the smell????) while he makes pillows on my arm & once in a while trie to succle from my arm. Some nights he goes under the covers, I'd have to say my least favorite is when he steps over my face with his front paws leaving his back paws on the other side of my face & lays streched out right over my face. This usually results in me waking up gasping for air,I think he's starting to understand mom doesn't like that one. Sometimes like last night I wake up with one in each arm, those are my favorite mornings.
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They watch TV for a hour upstairs, then we put them to bed. We have a ritual every night. PS LOVE THE PICTURE OF GYPSY...LOL
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Found another one! This is Bo who sleep most nights with me like this! I usually wake up with a shoulder and arm cramp!

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Originally posted by sherral46
Love this picture!!!
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Mike with a rescue
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I love all of these sleepy pictures!

Only three of our six share the bed with us. But...it is amazing how much room three cats take up. Hubby and I sleep balanced on the edge of the bed so that cats can have the nice soft middle.
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We do that too!

Tigger is usually under the covers and the other cats are on top. Although this morning I woke up with Tigger on top of Darrell's back and Kanga ON MY PILLOW (my face on the bed) and Roo behind my knees. This is the third night in a row that a cat had pushed my head off my pillow and taken it for himself. grr. but aww.
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