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I was surfing the other day and came upon a web site about the dangers of certain kinds of litter. So, I figured I would post this link for everyone here at The Cat Site for reference - just thought it might be some helpful information.

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Very interesting. I think I am going to consider changing to a different kind of kitty litter after reading that article. Thanks for the insight.
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I read the article. It's very interesting. I have a 7 year old tortie who has had respiratory problems for about 6 months. She's been on medication but the wheezing and asthmatic attacks seem to persist. I'm wondering what connection, if any, that it has to the clumping litter I use. (I use Premium Scoopable Cat Litter sold by Pet Supplies Plus here in Connecticut). I had been mixing the PSCL with Fresh Step and discontinue doing so because of the dust problem. I think I'm going to switch to World's Best Cat Litter to see if her respiratory problems go away.

Thanks for the information!

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I was reading a famous article in the net about the dangers of clumpable litter, I was absolutely horrified and positively scared out of my witts! I use Premium Choice Flushable Cat Litter because it is the only brand of litter being sold here( consider I live in Honduras). I just wanted to check if any of you knew if this kind of litter can be harmful for my baby, he is big enough to not eat it, but i'm worried that he lick it of his paws. I don't have a credit card so I cannot order litter over the internet, so I sincerely don't know what to do. He has not reacted badly to the litter, he doen't sneeze, normal waste, etc. Can somebody please help me?
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I wouldn't be concerned if it is flushable (and as long as you have not been having any plumbing problems and the kitty seems fine). I know that the clay clumping litters are NOT flushable and those really are the ones that I have heard about causing the health problems.

If you still want to be on the safe side you might look into using saw dust or sand. I know you can buy them here in the states at the hardware stores and its very inexpensive - you just have to clean them more frequently because they don't have any odor control like the litters do.

I used the clay clumping litters for years before I read this article and only one of my three cats has allergies (none of the other babies seemed to have problems with it) but to be on the safe side I have been slowing switching them over to an organic litter.
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