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Taking a short break

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I'm sorry guys.

I've just received some bad news. I'm going to take a few weeks break.

My year did start off well. And it is still good.

I just need a break from things.

I don't normally post about personal things here. But I will so people don't start to worry about me being gone. I won't be answering emails though I will be reading them.

I have just learnt that a close family friend has died of cancer just before Christmas. She was my mother's best friend and was a dear aunt to me. I also became good friends with her daughter, a year older than me. It has been a long time since I have had contact with them. My mum sounded close to an emotional breakdown. I hope my brothers are looking after her. I wish I could be there for her but I can't.

Me? At the moment I'm an emotional wreck. The tears keep flowing and it hurts to feel. And my lunch break is about to end.

I'll go back to work and finish my job. Thank god I have the weekend off. I am going to need it.

I'll be back after a couple of weeks.

Take care everyone. Give your kitties an extra hug or scritches.
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Mags I am sorry for your pain. Please know support can be found on this board if you need it. I wish you peace- Hurry back-
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Take your time. We're hear if you want or need to talk to someone.

Take care of yourself during this time. *HUGS*.
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hey mags,

please take good care of yourself during this period of time.. pls know that i'm here if you wish to talk... couldn't catch you just now cos i have some work to clear. talk to me if you need anybody to listen to you.
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I think most of us can relate to how your feeling at the moment. Somewhere along the line, weve all been there.

Take care, and hurry back soon.

Sending you a hug and a huge headbutt from Rosie.

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I'm so sorry, Take care of yourself.....promise!
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I understand how you feel. Take all the time you need to regroup. Sorry to hear about your Aunt Take care of you and we are here if you need to talk to someone. The boys are sending you purrs
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Mags - I am so sorry about this. I hope you do come back soon, there is an abundance of good support here if you ever need it. If you need someone to listen to you, I am on MSN.
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I'm so sorry.
Take care of yourself - we'll miss you.
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Sorry for the recent events. As MA said, the board is still available for support when you need it!

Take care of yourself.
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I'm so sorry
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Mags, I'm SO sorry to hear this. I'm always on MSN if you need to chat. Please take as much time as you need, see you on here soon.
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Mags, I'm so sorry to hear about your Aunt. She must have been a wonderful lady to have been so loved by you and your family. Take all the time you need, but know that we are all here if you need a shoulder to lean on.
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I'm so sorry you are in so much pain. (((((hugs))))))
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I'm sorry for your loss.
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I'm sorry for your pain, Mags. I got a lump in my throat reading this and wanted you to know I am thinking of you.
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Thank you for all your kind words.

She was the most generous woman that I had ever met. She helped out whoever asked for it. I remember her house here before she left town. There was always something new to see or do. She put her family first before herself. Some days my mum would take us over to her house knowing her friend wouldn't leave it as there was always something to do. Us kids would entertain ourselves while they had time to relax. This was usually an afternon on the weekend.

The dogs that they owned understood English and Cantonese. I remember when after their beloved Shitzu died, they rescued a puppy that had been abandoned at the shopping centre. they owned a few birds and they were all very tame and would sit on your shoulder quite contentedly. And boy did they love being petted. I remember one dwarf rabbit they had. It grew to the size of your average rabbit quite happily to the surprise of everyone.

And when my mother accompanied my two brothers on an out of town martial arts tournament for a week, it was made sure that I had a ride to and from school. Even though there was an available bus service. We gave my friend and her little sister rides home each week after band practice though sometimes we detoured to the shops on the way home.

The food that she made was magnificent and it always tasted like my own mother's. We could never figure out who cooked what. The vegetables that went into any meal were all home grown and things did taste so much better. At one time, my mum and my aunt decided to make the perfect chinese roast pork with the crunchiest crackle and moist meat. There were two shelves devoted to this task that lasted for a month. We had never eaten so much roast pork and neither had any of our friends and families.

Thank you everyone. It has done me good to talk about things. Thank you.
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I'm so sorry for the pain you are going through right now. We're here for you if you need support.
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I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Take what time you need and know we'll always be here for you. We'll see you soon!
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Mags, thank you for sharing your wonderful memories of a lovely woman, and it is a tremendous loss to all those around her. I am so sorry, and I am also here if you need that virtual shoulder.
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I feel numb now.

The kitties refuse to leave my side and it is a comfort to have them with me. I don't want to do the housework that needs doing at the moment. I'd rather escape into the virtual world for a hew hours.
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