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115th Rose Parade....what in the world???

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It's on my television at the moment.

I have no idea why. It doesn't have the slightest significance in Australia. It's going to be on for THREE hours and from the ten minutes that I saw of it, it's utterly boring. Right now, I would love to question the judgement of a particular station's CEO about the screening.


Keeping my mind open and hoping to learn something new.

What is it? Why is it celebrated? Why does Australia have to know about it?
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You have me confused. Never heard of it, Somebody enlighten me(and mags!)
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It's something American, well they sound American.....I can't differentiate between Canadian and American accents....and the commentators seem to love the sound of their voices.
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It's a special parade to celebrate the Rose Bowl Game on New Year's (football) The floats are made of all flowers- and they give awards each year in different categories. Why they are rebroadcasting it, is anyone's guess. It is a big deal in California.
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Oh so this big parade things about football?

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Thanks MA!

It's about FOOTBALL?!?!?!?

Why in heaven's name does cross country brawling deserve a parade????

And USA football isn't even understood in Australia, let alone played!!

Oh and on a closing note...I'm anti-corporate sports.

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Oh, I am not a football fan, not at all. But I do love the Rose Parade. And I love big parades in general, and love the fact that a big football game is an excuse for a parade. The marching bands! The costumes! The floats! And the thing about the Rose Parade is that every float is covered completely in flowers, all of the colours are from flower petals, and seeds and stuff.

And no, I am not American. I just love parades. (My marching band played in the Rose Bowl Parade, the Orange Bowl Parade, and the Cotton Bowl parade. Good times!!!)

However, I have no idea why that is being broadcast. Its not like its a regular TV show or anything.
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I watched the rose parade . They have some very beautiful floats I must say . What gets me , that they waisting Millions on dollars each year on them . For that ???? Football ???
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Hehe we have a parade for everything around this time of year lol. But I love the rose parade!! Hate football, but love the rose parade :-P All the floats are made from dried flowers and such and I think its awesome that people actually have the patience to put the things together lol.
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I love roses.

If you live in American & want to get married in January or February, you can forget about having any quantity of roses in your wedding - they're outrageously expensive during that period, and I've been told that it's because of the Rose Bowl (and then Valentine's Day, right afterward).
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When I watched it , they also said that it take them a hole year to build a fload . Now that is a long time . And it take them one month to place and clue all the flowers . At least people have jobs through that and is here in the us and not in some cheap contry .
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The Rose Parade is more than just about football and flowers. Its also a time Honored tradition in California. It started as a way to show those of us smothered in snow that California was still green and full of flowers. (Their way of bragging to the world about their Paradise)

Women in California colleges are offered the chance to compete to become part of the Rose Court. Its contests in Academics, Poise, Personalicy and Public Speaking . Those that win, participate in a debutante ball, ride in the parade, and receive scholarships.

Float building is a multi-million dollar business and floats are begun a few weeks after the parade. Spots in the parade are hard to come by.
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Not only is the Tournament about more than football, it actually wasn't until 1902 (12 years after the first Tournament) that Football was even an attraction at the festival.
Click here for:Tournament of Roses History
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It's a big thing out here and not just because of football. My parents don't like football but they love the Parade of Roses.
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