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Shop Online, Help Save Homeless Cats

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Howdy fellow Cat Lovers!
There hasn't bee too much changing at AsphaltAdventures.com because I've been engrossed in a
new project.
The local Cat Rescue group I'm involved with had a website, but it was a very passive site and
told people who we are and what we do, but it didn't do much more than that.

On a lark, I started ANOTHER site FOR them and got a good bit of it up and running and THEN told them
about it with the understanding that if they didn't like it, I could take it down and I wouldn't be

What I wanted was a site that actually WORKED for the Rescue Group and didn't just sit there doing
little of nothing. I also wanted to display more actual photos with real people doing what we do at
adoption events and recent photos of our cats.

I also wanted to have a means by which the site could work to our benifit and provde us with more
resources to provide the care we give to our cats.

What I came up with was, an online mall of sorts.

Using shopping affiliate services, I put together a page with about thrity-some stores on it where there
would be something for just about everyone. I've got stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, Mikasa, The Franklin
Mint, 1800-flowers, PETsMART, Circuit City, 1800-PETMEDS and a bunch of others. I'm going cross-eyed from all the
ads I've been pasting up there. I also established a link to one of our grocery chains where you can register
their savings card and that would help us every time you shop and there's even an online donation button where
we can accept credit card donations.
It's not the best looking site by far, but I'm right proud of it.

What I'm asking is this, if you shop online, please come by and look at our merchants and if you find one you
want to buy something online from, click through our site to get to them. With every purchase, they will give
us a small sales commission that will help us provide care to the cats we're trying to adopt. Many have free
shipping and some even offer an affiliate discount to you.

The site is www.catrescue.8m.com and Uncle Fester is the webmaster. I've even got a link to the cat site cookbook
to help the cats in Israel, although I wouldn't take anything from a cat rescue for posting a link to their site.
just click over to the shop and save page and start your shopping.

It's like I told our Prez, it costs us nothing to try it and we can only gain from it. I hope it is a success but I
need people to know about it. If you like it, please let me know. If you could pass it on to others or bookmark it for
your own use, I'd ask you to please do so.

Last year, over 40,000 animals were euthanized in our area and in one Hampton Roads City alone, almost 70% of the animals
surrendered to the Suffolk animal shelter were put to sleep. We'd like to reduce that number and I just thought that if
someone was planning to shop online, maybe it would encourage them to know that part of their purchase would go to help a
cause I think every member of this site would like to support.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and having a look.

Uncle Fester
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Jimmy because the cause is homeless and stray cats, I am moving this to our SOS forum where these types of posts are allowed.
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