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I'm Going to Volunteer

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I found a no-kill cat shelter. A friend of mine actually adopted an adult male from there and I was very impressed by they way they did it so I called and asked about volunteering. I made it through 2 interviews and now will have a fax at work tomorrow morning that will be an application.

I told them that Hissy told me to volunteer and the woman I talked to tonight said, "Bless that woman! We need more people like her. Tell her thank you!" You are officially thanked, Hissy, from both of us.
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That's great news!

I hope the introduction to the shelter is a kind one.
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Yay! That's great news Ericka, Thanks and way to go.
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Way to go!
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That is great Erika! The shelters need more people like you as well! I hope it works out, you'll have to post an update once you've started!
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That's wonderful! And they are lucky to have you!

Only thing is, now you won't be around as much when I run into problems with my website.
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That's true, Tammie, but at least someone who needs my help will be getting it. I won't be off crying my eyes out because my babies aren't here. I chose to volunteer for taking care of the cats and loving them. I'm not really into any of the customer service stuff since I do it all day already.
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