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NH kitty needs a home- please look

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BJ is a blind deaf (or nearly so) diabetic kitty- part Maine Coon neutered male, up to date on all shots.
When you first see him plodding along in his oh-so-slow way, you get the impression that he must be much much older than he is (a mere 13yrs old)
What you will realize, however, is that BJ understands the laws of physics and knows that walking into obstacles slowly is not nearly as painful as running full spead ahead into them! Besides, he likes to take his time and enjoy life at a leisurely pace.
He also rarely jumps up on anything. He has learned how to climb into bed with me by using a low shelf, something he figured out all on his own! Smart boy!

BJ has a few common sense requirements due to his disability- he must be an indoor kitty however he simply ADORES going outside on his harness and leash to sniff around. You must be willing to walk as slowly as he does, however- think of it as your time to relax and smell the flowers, too!

He needs to be protected from stairs and he should be given time to adjust to a new setting by spending time first in a small room with all that he needs. Then he can be allowed to explore, at his own pace, the rest of the home. He is curious and loves new scents.He also loves attention from people as long as they observe simple rules about approaching him. (let him sniff your hand without touching him, when he notices that you are there, he will move toward your hand or sniff you, then you can gentley stroke him,etc)

He uses the litter box faithfully but needs a large one (provided) and it is a good idea to place it on a washable surface with newspaper under it or puppy pads, as being blind, he is not always sure he is completely *in* the box. He has had only one accident in the 6 mos. he has been with me.

He should not be moved or picked up unless necessary to treat him, as blind cats get very disoriented if they are carried around. If you must pick him up, be sure to put him back where you found him (didn't your mom always tell you this?) or put him someplace he will recognize.

BJ is not bothered by other cats, however so far every cat who has seen him has been frightened of him,at least at first, probably due to the odd appearance of his unseeing eyes and the fact that he moves so very slowly and un-catlike.

He should NOT be in a home with small children. i do not know how he would do with dogs. He also would not do well in a home with a lot of comings and goings, he enjoys the quiet life and would be overwhelmed by a hectic household. He likes people, which means he is often underfoot and it is just too easy to step on him- he is not able to move out of the way quickly as most cats can.

BJ is insulin dependent (Humulin Ultralente) currently regulated on three shots per day spaced at 10-7-7 hr intervals (8 hr intervals would be ideal but as long as there is at least 7hrs between shots he is ok)
His blood sugar is tested with a human glucometer before every shot to make sure that it is safe to give him his shot- this is very easy to do and i would be happy to show you how.

BJ gets 1/4 tablet of zantac per day to help with his slow colon (helps with BMS)

He is in very early renal failure and requires low phosphorus foods. These are not difficult to find nor are they expensive. At some point he will likely need subQ fluids, i have over a case of LRS solution and can show you how to administer them, it is not difficult.

BJ is still very bright and alert and will soon learn your movements by the vibrations in the floor and air currents and will follow you around! (when he does this you will know that he thinks he is way overdue for some petting! or esp if he thinks you are going out, ever hopefull that he can go too!)

BJ is a sweet and lovable kitty with an adorable face and easy care Maine Coon coat.
Check out his photos, isn't he cute? And he just melts when you pet him. He appreciates all the little things in life and makes a great bed warmer as well.


i live in Manchester NH

i tried to attach a photo but couldnt' figure out how, please e mail me for pictures or more info. thanks
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Did anyone take this fab cat?
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Bumping up. But, I don't see any photos or links
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no one has written expressing any interest in this guy so far

i must admit, he is a lot of work, but if you are the nurturing type and esp if you miss having children or babies to take care of, this guy is for you
he is so grateful for anything you do for him and just so easy to please,
and when you pet him, he just melts under your touch.

now i have discovered that he likes to be held on his back, just like a baby, and have his chin stroked- in less than a minute he is asleep and snoring softly!!

he is just so adorable, i know my heart will break when he leaves me, but i know that who ever takes him into their home will take him into their heart as well, you just cant help it with him, he has an innocence that has made him very popular where ever he goes.
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Just wondering if you have contacted a Maine Coon rescue group? Since he is part Maine Coon, they may have more resources to find just the right place for him to live out his golden years.
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no i hadnt thought of that as he is a specail needs cat i figured that was the way to go
any ideas how to find MC rescues? one of my problems now is that i am physically and emotionaly and financially drained and am jsut too exhausted to hunt down these things any more
been doing it for months now it is very disheartenign, it appears that there is no where for him to go
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Try this one: http://mainecoonrescue.com/ They are a nationwide network, and in their policies it does say a couple things about special needs cats.
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I do hope this has a happy ending. He sounds just such a fab cat. You are so good catnapt to have held onto him whilst looking for the very best home. The Maine Coon site looks promising - all the very best with your endevours. I really really really wish I lived nearer.
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Any word on a home for the little guy? I wish I could take him... I think about this post and him all the time.
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I think about him a lot as well Jillian - he sounds such a poppet.
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