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Our Daily Thread for Wednesday!

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It's still Tuesday as I'm writing this; and I'm repeating the post I left in the thread "Our D.T. for Tuesday." By this time of night, nobody looks in the daily-thread threads — or so it seems.

Donna, I'm very sorry to hear about Marina Mar! I'll keep you both in my prayers. Please let us know what prognosis is forthcoming. This is so sad.

Air Princess, I don't think I ever sent you a compact disk! Good grief! Please send me your address via electronic mail or private message. I'm sorry about this oversight.

Attention, music lovers! (This means you too, Donna.) Here is the list of artists on my latest traveling compact-disk:

Henry Carey
Björk Guðmundsdóttir
Fats Waller and His Rhythm
Jack Off Jill
Martha Argerich
Sade Adu
Ottorino Respighi
Tom Jones
The Moonglows
Frankie Trumbauer and His Orchestra
Antonio Carlos Jobim
The Rockin' Rebels
Cat Power
The Dells
The Beatles
Erik Satie
Status Quo
The Chordettes
The Shirelles
The Doors

That is the line-up of music I sent to Catarina and Billie today. (I've got to get one ready for Dodo as well.) It's somewhat different from what I'd sent Blue, Cleo and Debby. Anybody who'd like to hear this music is welcome to give me their address via electronic mail or private message.

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Joe - you were up very early or very late as the case may be! It was nice to get online this morning Eastern time and see the DT here already! Usually by the time I get to see one - it is later in the evening! THANKYOU!
Hump day is here and I am so glad - Going to blow off work this afternoon and go the the track in Saratoga. There is a horse running in the second race called Kattalk - I HAVE to bet on that one! Odds are 20-1.........
Any one see the Sears sale flyer for this week? They ahve the most beautiful cat quilt on sale! Any size for $39.95. If I win on Kattalk in the second race- I am off to Sears to get mine! hehehe
:tounge2: :tounge2:
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Well, the kids and I are off to the gym this morning. I've been really, really lazy lately and I can't remember the last time I went. I know I gained 5 pounds when I was in Austin, and I suspect it's still hanging around.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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I'm so glad it's already wednesday!

I am taking friday off (my first day off since X-mas) and am going to spend it with my boyfriend who is taking the day off as well (he'll drive from westpoint NY thursday night)

we'll probably sleep in, go to the movies and just loaf about. then saturday we are going to go see Madonna (if she doesn't cancel) and I'm really excited about that. I'm a huge fan & I've never seen her before. this may be the last tour she does.

I've got a couple meetings today, but other than that things should be pretty slow.

everyone have a great day!
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Well, let's see, DT for Wednesday? okay, it is HOT here but that is nothing new. I actually think I am becoming fond of "Sweating like a Teamster in the noonday sun and Smellin' like a Trucker (with the exception of KittyFoot) when the day is done" Can anyone out there Name That Tune. That is lyrics from what song by what classic rock band ? (no it is NOT MEATLOAF, AP !!!!!!!) Aside from praying for a break in the Heat Wave; I do not plan to do much of anything. (I do have a few choice PM's knocking around in my head. . . . . ) I will check out a few other threads and then retreat to the "wonder bed".

TLK _V_ (I have to turn the holiday lights out to conserve energy during the shaft of the afternoon)
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Wednesday.. I get to pack pack pack. Yay! Thats about all the fun I get.

Yesterday was Craig's birthday... but we didn't get to celebrate because all our money is going into moving I made him promise to take a raincheck so we could celebrate it later. Happy Birthday Craig!!

Craig looked into getting me put on his insurance through work. We have to get some kind of document called "a domestic partnership document". My flags went up.. it sounded too close to marriage for me. Apparently this document just allows the state to legally recognize us as two people living together, which means we're jointly responsible for basic living expenses defined as 'the cost of basic food, shelter and other expenses resulting from partnership'.

It was made clear that it is unlike marriage and if things didn't work out with Craig and I there would be no battle over items etc... so that was nice. We also have to show that both of our names are on the lease for our apartment. So.. as soon as we get done with all this.. I will be off to see a doctor about these head pains.

Well guys.. thats all the excitement I get to have today!
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Well, today was the most interesting first day of school I've ever had. I got to see how the other 9/10 of the working world lives: in the office.

Our data processing clerk walked out in the middle of the mob scene of first day registration. So I helped the one secretary register kids, update classes, and input all that info into the computer. Didn't even have time for lunch. It was quite a change for me, and I actually had a great time!
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Any day that I wake up is a good day.

Today is terrific!! Marina Mar's test results came back negative.

I was on needles and pins all day waiting. She starts prednisone tonight when I get home. Hopefully this will clear up the sores and make her more comfortable. She won't have to have her blood tested every two weeks because cats tolerate the medication better than dogs.

I was so happy I was on the phone. She and I have been through alot. I'm glad everything will be okay.

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Hey Donna:

I take it you're still on the job? I have been concerned.
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I'm thrilled to learn little Marina Mar's test results were negative!

Please give her a big hug for me!


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