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EeK! What do I do?

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I was looking at 3 Wishes online (a lingerie store)...and I wanted to look at some real pretty things...and then I went over to look at the pantyhose...and well my boss walked by...I am not sure if he saw it, but I was desperatly trying to close it out...I hope he didn't see... Could I get in trouble for this? I actually think it is very funny...but I hope he didn't see...can I get fired? Ahhhh...someone tell me something please
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Well , he could . But he needs to prove it I think . Go into history and deleet where you have bin , so that there would be no prove .I wish you luck and hope he has not seen it .
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What is your workplace policy on surfing the net?

If you were in trouble, wouldn't your boss have said something to you by then?

I hope you have nothing to worry about and good luck.
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There is a problem with erasing my history because I searched on everything stays on there. We don't have a policy here, I work at a real estate office (I'm the receptionist)...or a policy that I haven't heard about. I just know at any job you CAN'T look at porn...which I clearly WAS NOT! It's been about 15 minutes, and I am still completly embarrassed, he was about 10 ft away from I still hope he didn't see. We actually have had a small convo, and he didn't say anything yet This sucks...I ain't doing that again...LOL
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If the subject comes up, maybe you should ask about the policy. Over here (Germany), you can be fired for any private surfing at work. I never use the school computers for any private stuff, though my boss probably wouldn't object, because I often do stuff for school on my home computer. Yesterday she asked me to write an email in English and send it to Tokyo. I was in a hurry to get home, so I made some notes and sent it at my leisure. Some of my colleagues refuse to do any Web searches for lesson material at home because of the time spent, paper and ink cartridge costs. I can understand that, but I have a DSL volume rate, and figure the costs of paper and ink are worth being able to do that kind of stuff when I'm in the mood. Maybe I'm weird, but I feel that I'm being paid to work, not fool around amusing myself during working hours, so I would have a guilty conscience if I were to do something that wasn't work-related on the school computers.
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If he hasnt said anything, i wouldnt worry about it. but just be careful! tone down the surfing, only do it once in a while. try and find out if they have spy software on your network. if they do, your employer has every record of every page, every keystroke you make on your computer. ask about internet policy too, as suggested already.
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over here, we are allowed to surf as long as it doesn't interrupt our work and we dun get caught.. most importantly, we dun surf porn... i guess you should be ok... no worries..
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Well, I would be embarrassed, but I wouldn't sweat it too much. His internet history is probably a lot worse than yours!
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I basically can do whatever I want as long as it doesn't interfer with my ability to answer the phone. I get almost all my studying done at work too--that's the best part. The only sites I go to at work are work related, email and here, of course (he could care less about any of these). I have come to the conclusion that he didn't see...because I walked to where he was and looked at my screen and my lamp was covering it. If he did see...oh well...I think he would have said something
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If he says something be honest and tell him where you were. If you have no policy on online time then it isn't a problem. We do have one so if I were caught even on TCS during work hours I could get fired. I also know that IT has spyware installed on all our machines so they can see where we've been even if no one is physically there when we do it.
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I can understand why you were .

I'm sure he would have said something then if he had, had a problem.
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This is how i clear my file, try this.

1. Click on Tools.

2.Scroll down and click on 'Internet Options'.

3.Click on 'Clear History'.

4.It should say: 'Are you sure you want to delete' etc..then click on 'Yes'.

5. Click on 'OK'.

Everything ever looked at will be cleared from the history file after that. I do this every night, just in case!.

Good luck


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Thanks everyone! I am not worried about it anymore because he hasn't even said a word about it yet, and if he does...I will let you guys know, of course..

Susan-I searched on GOOGLE! (as I stated earlier) It doesn't matter how many times I clear out my still will show up on Google...LOL...for example, if I go to Google, and type in "A" it will bring up all the words that people have used to look for something under "A". But to search the website, I just put in "3 Wish" and it brought it even if he knew the site (which I hope he doesn't..hehehe) I don't think he would figure it out.

I'll keep you guys posted if something else happens
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Just go into his office, sit on his lap and explain what you were doing. He should forget about anything you may have done on your computer at that point.

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LOL He's not into women if you know what I mean...
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Don't worry, even if it's against company policy he'll probably let it slide this time. He might be as embarrassed by what he saw as you are.

You have to clear your cookies to get rid of the history in google. Then if you want to make it where it doesn't keep the history on forms (like google) go to Tools, Internet Options, the Content tab, under the Personal Information heading, click on Auto Complete, look under the Use Auto Complete For heading, and uncheck the forms box.
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Woo Hoo! Thanks! I cleared the cookies! So far, so good
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