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Roundworms! Aaahhh!!

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So I took in a stray and she is living in my guest bedroom. I have two other cats who haven't met her yet. She has been tested for FIV and FeLV, but she wasn't tested for worms. I wanted to intriduce her to my other cats but figured I would run to the vet first and get a fecal done for her. Turns out she has round worms and they are giving me meds for her.

Do I have to treat my other cats just in case? I am going to bring a fecal sample from them when I go just in case. How long does it take to get rid of these buggers? When can I have all my cats meet?

Thanks in advance!
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You probably want to wait and see if the second fecal comes out clean before introductions. If the cat hasn't had access to the other two, or their litterbox, your other two cats should be fine. If in doubt have a fecal done on all cats just for your peace of mind. Depending on how bad the infestation, will depend on how many applications of meds she will need.
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How soon after giving her the drontal should I have her fecal done again?
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As long as the cats haven't had direct contact (such as grooming each other) or shared a litterbox you should be fine. Roundworms are very common in young cats and strays.
It is important to remember that roundworms are zoonotic (this means people can get them too). As long as you practice good hygiene & don't play in the litterbox (laugh, but remember that young children might ))you should be fine.
Deb E
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I thought Drontal was for tapeworms

Hey congrats on taking in a stray.. that's very kind of you. I hope Charlie will do ok with her.
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I *think* the drontal takes care of most worms...and I also think a tapeworm is a type of roundworm...I dunno..I'm off to do some research.

Thanks everyone!
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I know from my recent personal experience that tape worm is not treated with a general de-wormer. I don't know if round worm is. You see Jordan had tape worms (gross) when he came to me because he had been a stray. At the shelter we deworm every cat that comes in. Then again I don't know off the top of my head what kind of dewormer we use.
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