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Question about Annie / Claws

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Hi Everyone. I was posting alot about 2 months ago concerning a feral I caught named Annie. She's doing fine but I had a question... She won't let us pick her up or hold her yet... she gets scared... but I would really like to clip her claws. They are very sharp. I know she'll get scared & maybe even scratch us if we try even though she's nice. Is there a product that they can scratch on that will wear them down or do we have to see the vet? Thanks in advance, Jamie

p.s. Annie is now free to roam the house all the time, getting along well with all the other cats & making herself at home. She likes to look outside but I don't get the sense she wants to go out anymore. She likes animal planet television!
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There is, but I don't know where to find it. You can search www.meowhoo.com or perhaps petsmart online. It is round and about a foot - maybe a foot and a half high. It is very similar in texture to a pumice stone, and I understand cats love to use it and it wears their claws down pretty quickly. Unfortunately, the base is too large for us to have in our RV.

We've had some of our gang living inside for over a year - they let us pick them up and love on them - but Sheldon FREAKS when we try to clip his claws. Fortunately, he stays asleep sometimes when we touch him, so I usually get one or two claws done (and up to a whole foot sometimes) before he wakes up. I just keep the clippers around and go for it every chance I get. Flowerbelle is the same way - but she'll sleep through an entire clipping, and I can get ALL of her claws clipped at once (usually).

Good luck!

If it's really bad - you can consider taking her to the vet to have it done. Usually they're so scared they let the strangers do it. And then they're really happy to come home and thankful to you for "rescuing" them. I know it's an expensive option - but if you're desperate.... it's MUCH better than wrapping her in a towel and "torturing" her yourselves, from which she may not recover for some time. I'd recommend it for fussy pets that are loving, but not ferals you're in the process of socializing.
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BTW - I'm so glad to hear she's happily adjusted to inside life! Our gang is much like that. They love watching the birds at the feeders we put up outside the windows - but run from the door when it's opened. They have NO interest in going outside whatsoever, and I am so fine with that!

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I haven't been able to find it yet, but I know Pet Value carries them from time to time. See if there's one near you - I don't think they have shopping online!

Searching did turn up this: http://netvetsupply.com/

Scroll down the page for this:

Category : Pet > Litter/Stain & Odor Control
\tKitty-Cure â„¢
Kitty-Cureâ„¢ performs a 'self manicure' dulling your cats nails each time it uses the litterbox. Safely files down the tips of the claws while your cat instinctively digs and covers. Eliminates or greatly reduces clippings and spares your cat from discomfort and consequences of declawing. Makes owning a cat much easier with less stress for you and your pet. The space-age technology material is odorless, washable and lasts for months. Comes with an adhesive backing for lining the inside of the litter box or may be placed on furniture and anywhere your cat scratches. Plus, any animal that uses a litter box can benefit including ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, mice and rats. Kitty-Cure â„¢ saves time, money and agony. It's the BEST thing you can do for your pet. Contains 1 11' x15' bottom pan sheet and 2 3'x15' and 2 3"x16 1/2" side pan sheets. May cut to fit.
Price Each : $16.95 (Includes Shipping)
Available Quantity : 98

Don't know if it works or not (or even really what it is!), but sounds interesting!
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thanks for your suggestion.
I'll search around for both a.s.a.p
The pumice stone thing sounds good.

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Jamie, I just sent you an e-mail.
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