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Updated Excitment

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I'm not going to go through the story now because I'm really pissed and so is my husband but the house goes up for sale in October. Hopefully, we'll be home by January. Please pray that this house sells fast. Thanks guys. BTW Donna, I'm use to cleaning cages.

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I don't blame you for being upset, from what you described in your earlier thread on this subject! I'm sorry if this means you'll be taking a considerable loss in selling the house. But, regardless, best wishes and lots of good luck to you and yours! At least you'll be "back home."

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I can't wait for you to come home! It will be great to see you all of the time instead of just a couple times and year! And now we all go to the cat show together!
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Frannie; I shall pray that your house sells and that you do not have to take a large sacrifice. I know that the information that you are coming home sooner than thought is making family and friends very happy.
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Frannie, I am sorry that things didn't go exactly as planned.. but I do know you were excited about moving back and that this means you get to be closer to friends and family soon. Best wishes to you.. and I hope that things work out. Big hugs sent your way.
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I know...Rene told me YOU wouldn't hesitate to help clean cages (ahem, unlike other people), although I was only joking. I look forward to seeing you more and getting to know you better.

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Frannie...I hope everything works out okay for you, with the sale of the house, and the move....you are a wonderful person, and you deserve the best!
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Dear Frannie :angel2:

I know it's heartwrenching when things don't always go as "we" plan them, but hang in there, because the best is yet to come

Have Faith Sweetie and Keep your chin up Things will work out for the best...they always do.

Love, Peace &,
PS I'm gonna post ya a pic of a surprise extra when I bought my house! :laughing2 :laughing2 We just never know what "HE" has in store for us! :laughing2
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