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Thursday Daily Thread!

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Yay!Well here its a VERY cold 0 degrees!Schools going well today.Lol,its pretty soon to judge a day but so far so well!So how is evryones thursday?-ps i finaly made a daily thread!
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We're on the down side of the week, so that's always good. Glad to hear school is going well. I'm happy today because my kitties are becoming friends again. Max had been avioding Simon after he got back from the vet. They're better now so that's good.

I'm so sorry it's cold. I live in south Florida so I don't know how anyone survives in the freezing weather!
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My day is ok so far...it is kinda dead right now in the office. It is about 50 outside with 100% chance of rain today (so it will be raining all day)!!! I have been here an hour and a half and I am already ready to go home! Chili was great last night! I had enough to bring for lunch today!! Woo hoo!

My grandfather put his condo on the market last week, and someone called on it yesterday...I was so excited that I gave it to the person who was on duty and she didn't want to show him the place...well she took down his phone number and told him she would call back when she could figure out a time she could show it to him. YEAH RIGHT! No one in the office really knows that the property is my grandfather's, and I didn't want anyone knowing because they would give me a hard time since I gave the listing to one of my favorite's. Well, anyway...when she asked someone else in the office to show it, they said sure...and when that lady called the man back...it was the wrong number!!!!! I wonder if the guy actually lived near the property and was just curious on how much it was going for. I just want my grandfather to sell it because it is in a horrible neighborhood! I need vibes for that, please! I truly think that all the prayers I get from you guys REALLY HELP! Thanks!

Have a great one everyone!
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I woke up sick with a cold. I wish I could have just stayed in bed, but I knew I would be all alone at work today.

It is very cold here and has been for the last few days. It is supposed to warm up to 20F for the weekend and then the temps will drop again for the beginning of next week.

Have a good Thursday everybody.
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WOW! all you sick people. bummer, I hope you're all feeling a little better now.
As I type, I have Isis on my lap which is making it nearly impossible to do. She is in "love me" mode. Last night she was being cranky and trying to fight with Rocket and Luna because they smelles like vet so I grabbed some pet colonge I had and gave them all a quick spray and now they all smell like dogs from a groomer. LOL! oh well, it stopped the hisses and caterwauling. Poor Twig, I sprayed him and he shot me a look(while running away) like "how DARE you!" and then proceeded into the basement never to be heard from until this am for breakfast. He's forgiven me today. Rocket did too. Luna is her lovey self but won't let me pick her up yet. I'm such a mean mommy aren't I? It was all I had, no vanilla anywhere.
Today's the last day of my vacation!(WAH!) I don't want to go back!
I hate that place and all it seems to do is suck the life and happiness right out of people.
Ok now that I think I"ve depressed everyone,(sorry I didn't mean to!)
How's everyone elses day???
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So far, so ... BORING!
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worked all day - played Finding Nemo with our son one pc this evening. Called and spoke to jeeperscat briefly - that was neat. Then have just come in from being round at a neighbours house and have told him that I would install a large burglar alarm system on saturday for free. He has been quoted over £400.00 for the whole thing, I spoke to teh wholesalers and they advised cost less than a hundred for the whle shooting match in equipment - there really are some robbing $!£%^$£%&^ out there making a profit from peoples misfortune- I really hate that capitalising on people at their most vunerable.. Its a young familly who were burgalled last weekend and £400 was out of reach. Its going in for free with me as long as the coffee stays on - I am a happy and they buy everything I need for less than a hundred. Sounds a good deal to me and nice to help someone out.
Now on this for a few mins before beddie byes.
Have a great evening you all
Kev - with the beard now!
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Oh Kev, let see a pic of your beard . . . sounds wickid!!!!

I've had an OK day until hubby got home from work and then we just sat and stared at the TV and hardly said anything.

Finished painting the nursery so now all that is needed is the stencilling. Hopefully all will be completed by the weekend.

Am looking at new cars - am seriously considering a Lexus RS300SE. Never had a SUV before so a test drive is in order soonish.

Need to find time to take a load of stuff down to the Cat Protection charity shop soon - I've boot (trunk) full of stuff that we've cleaned out - some still quite nice, but just not right for us anymore. Hopefully will do that at the weekend.

Anyway, time for bed now as it's 11pm. Need to feed Dominik before I go to sleep and then hopefully I'll get a good night's kip.
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Is it really Thursday?? I'm exhausted! My new job is demanding and my body is taking it's time getting used to working again! Believe it or not I'm even too tired to check the catsite and post much!

It's really cold here and I'm wising it were spring already!

Ok, I'm too whipped to post anymore right now. Guess I'll go watch TV and eat some chocolate!
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My body is saying "its Friday". Unfortunately........

Everyone seems to be coming down off of the full moon, rather quickly this month. To my knowledge, Rowdy hasn't done anything naughty today. Hmmm - wonder if she's feeling ill?

We're looking at nearly 80, this Saturday. Bill doesn't know it, yet but we may need to get out and do something. I'm cooped up in an office, all week long and I need some outdoor activity (nothing like exercise, of course). A large antique store is having a parking lot sale. That sounds like my kind of outdoor activity.
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The day started as one of those lazy days, Oliver and I were only half dressed by noon, when the doorbell rang. That was one of my best friends who lives in a tiny village a bit far away, but now came to ReykjavÃ:censor:k, and is moving back!
She has a boy the same age as Oliver and boy was he glas to see someone his age! We rang a mutual friend who has a girl the same age, she came over, and we talked the whole day and the kids played. What a great change from the rather boring uneventful everyday.
My friend who is moving back needs someone to take care of her son 2 days a week, and even it´s at hours I usually sleep I am considering to volunteer to do that, for Oliver, that would really brighten his days

In the evening we went to a housemeeting that went better than expected, and when we came back I wrote a dozen emails to women I am trying to get to sell Tupperware, since I am a "group leader" there, and my group is the smallest, and ready to be dissolved. I dont know these women, and got those email addressed allmost a year ago, but hopefully some of them will decide to try, and I will manage to keep my group alive. Currently there is only one in my group active (other than myself) and the rules say there should be at least 5 active in the group

My Christmas tree is still up, and will stay a few days longer...
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