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Originally posted by thh20
I just checked Meteo Media, which is the online weather network, and it's currently -37 w/o the windchill. And with the windchill, it's (get ready for this) -48!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which makes it -54.4 Fahrenheit!!! Holy bleep!!
That's waaaay too cold!!!!! BTW, I really hope you didn't have to take your dog for a walk today!

kitkatz, this little smiley is soooo cute!!! I just love it!!

Shell, we've been getting the same type of weather all day in Minnesota. We've been getting really light fluffy snow and it's making the patches of ice underneath really slippery!!!
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My company's Philly office had to close early, yesterday - their power went out. We were expecting a higher call volume, as we expected the St. Louis office to have to close, too. Haven't heard of any problems, with the Detroit office, as yet.

It is STILL too cold, here - 34 right now, at 7:15. I haven't checked to see if there is ice on my car, yet. I don't own an ice scraper but, a spatula works wonders!
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Well we got all the news re the 'cold snap' got all hunkered down ready and I look out the window this morning and .........NOTHING.
Very dissapointed
It a bit cold but the sky is blue with no wind or nothin.
Maybe tomorrow.
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