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holy **** it's COLD today!!!

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I went out to walk the dog this morning, dressed like the Michelin man! It's about -28 Celcius, and with the windchill, has gone down to -42!!!!!!!!!!

Poor dog walks along, and starts hopping with one foot in the air, because her toes get really cold. I have to stop and clean the snow and ice out from between her pads before she'll continue. I've thought of buying boots for her, but I don't think she'd like that! I just ordered her a coat though. She's got short fur, and get cold and shivery fast.

What's it like elsewhere?
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Lets see, its 0 in New Hampshire!Brr...Its cold!My dog loooves the cold!My cat dosent tho.
Hopefully it warms up!!
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Very cold here also. My sister has two Cocker Spaniels (Bella & Bart) and she puts booties on them when it is cold like this or when a lot of salt has been used on the roads. Their paws are very sensitive to salt. They don't care for it at first, but they got used to it. They are the same kind of boots that the mushers use for their sled dogs. I'm glad I only have a cat and don't have to worry about such things. He is my hot water bottle (or little furnace) on these very cold days.
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It's about 50 degrees (F)...I don't know what that is in celcius (sp?)We have a 100% chance of rain today...and it is horrible outside right now. I am about to have my second cup of coffee...
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Originally posted by caprice
It's about 50 degrees (F)...I don't know what that is in celcius (sp?)We have a 100% chance of rain today...and it is horrible outside right now. I am about to have my second cup of coffee...
50F=10C and -42C=-44F. My customer very wisely decided not to have her dogs clipped today, so I'm going to spend the day cocooning in front of the TV and computer and buried under a pile of blankets! It's a perfect day for a Third Watch marathon!
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Freezing here too. Been like that for the past week.

I'm sick so I don't have to leave the house for any reason.

My bf called me last night wanting to go for a walk! I was like, its -30 windchill and I'm sick!! He said I was lucky I was sick he was going to drag me out walking.... he's a strange boy
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68 and sunny
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58 degrees and partly cloudy though its suppose to be near freezing again here tonight.

*Passes out hot tea to those who are freezing.*
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Supposed to be 28 degrees celsius and is sunny. No rain is forecast - we are in the middle of a drought!

And I had to sleep with the house closed up last night because Tarka can now get out of the windows and the next door neighbour's dog destroyed the fence and she can now get out of our property.

She is staying locked up today and we are going to get the fence fixed tonight or tomorrow!
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Rain, rain and more rain
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Right now it is -23C in Toronto. With windchill that brings it down to a face freezing -34C!!!!!!

We are also under a Winter Cold Alert which reminds people to take extra precautions outside, to bring your pets inside and agencies are trying to bring the homeless indoors. Most of them want to stay outside instead.

Toronto is quite neglectful of the homeless and the government never seems to have enough money to build adequate buildings for low income individuals. But of course we have a zillion dollars to bring the Rolling Stones to Toronto last year which did almost nothing for our SARS affected economy anyways!

Our normal temperature is around -4C for daytime temperatures so we are way below the norm. Meanwhile last week we had a high of +14C!! Crazy!
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Well, I'm feeling better today so I went to work. I'm only here until 1pm so its ok.

Well I got to my car, nearly froze my a$$ on the way there. Then I got my scarf ready for the walk from the car into the building and I spilt my tea on it. I didn't really spill it, the tea mug tipped and poured on it. So it wasn't like a few drops, it was soaked with tea. So speed walking from the parking lot to the building was a chilly experience.

Well, I'm not going anywhere until 1pm and that is to leave. Thinking of heading to Zellers to buy a note book, but I don't think I'll want to leave the warmness of my car again.

I hope it starts to get a bit more seasonal soon. Just the 2 minute walk and my fingers (I was wearing gloves) and my face (I had my hat pulled low on my forehead) were stinging from the cold. Now that I'm in here I might want to stay the weekend
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Originally posted by Russian Blue

Right now it is -23C in Toronto. With windchill that brings it down to a face freezing -34C!!!!!!

Our normal temperature is around -4C for daytime temperatures so we are way below the norm. Meanwhile last week we had a high of +14C!! Crazy!

I'm in Sudbury. I feel you pain!!! As you can tell from my post.
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ahhh, partners in misery! It's -39 with the windchill here. Russian Blue, I know what you mean about the homeless. I'm ashamed to say we're very neglectful here, too. It looks like I can spend the day cocooning today too, since work called and said not to bother coming in, the pipes are frozen! Which means I can't do my job. I'm going to brave the cold (since the car is plugged in and ready) and get cat food and blank tapes, then I'm coming right back home. I COULD technically go to the mall and do some shopping for my trip in May, but I really don't feel like it!
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Thank God it has warmed up here finally! 49 degrees and rising.The ice and snow is melting and the roads are friendlier then they were.
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Hate to brag but it's suppose to be 77 degrees here in AZ today! The ferals are in heaven with this kind of weather
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18F here in NJ, with a wind chill dropping it to 5F. They've issued an advisory for single digit temps over the weekend. When it gets that cold, I sit in my living room and listen to the furnace burn away my cash. It doesn't shut off for more than 15 minutes
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I don't mean to make you Snow People feel badly, but it's about 75 degrees here in Los Angeles today.
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Have you thought about trying paw wax for the dog? I use it on my dogs to help protect their paws from hot cement...they don't care for the boots either. It might help to protect those tender paws from the ice & salt, and is supposed to help w/traction on ice.

69 and sunny in South Texas...you suffer through winter, we suffer through summer.
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Minnesota is no better, But we are due for a warm up this weekend... We can only hope...lol
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Tucson is looking at 78 and sunny, today.
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It's been a bit better these last 2 days, but they're predicting the temps. will drop down again this week. Oh. Boy. (can you tell I'm thrilled?) We got about 5 cm of snow today, and if you were walking into the wind, it was nasty!:pinky:
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The day started out, fairly warm but, by afternoon, the temp dropped a bit and it got cloudy. There was a bit of rain, around the valley but, none at our house.

I was out on the patio at 1:00 a.m., in p.j. bottoms, robe and slippers. Other than my aching stomach, I was quite comfortable.
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another coooooolld day today. My riding lesson only lasted 1/2 an hour (instead of the usual 1 hour) because I was so cold I was starting to go numb. And I'm sure the horse didn't mind the shorter excercise session, either.

I've got several layers for riding, but it looks like I need more... long underwear, under bike shorts, under a pair of jeans. 2 pairs of socks. A turtleneck under a hooded sweater, under a coat. Earmuffs, 2 pairs of gloves... and a partridge in a pear tree!
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The cold weather hit us over the weekend here in North Carolina, but not as cold as there in Canada.

I'm not quite sure about the rules for links, but here goes. If you need dog booties or dog jackets for harsh conditions I would recommend http:\\\\www.dogbooties.com. It's a small business and they're extremely helpful. Just email or call if you're not sure what to order, or how to size, or anything else. Everything is hand made right there and is extremely high quality. (They even made-and donated-most of the booties for the search and rescue dogs that went in at the World Trade Center site after the 9/11 attack.)

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It's another COOOOLD day today. It's supposed to drop down to the -40's with the windchill tonight.... BRRRR!! I got Dixie's rain/winter coat yesterday, and to my surprise, she seems to like it! So she's been out in a bright red coat a few times now, bounding through the snow. I'm going to try to build booties for her from old socks, velcro and maybe some old insoles? See how long those'll last... I can just see her high stepping like a Lipizzaner or a dressage horse!
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It is finally warming up here still. The snow is all gone, but more is predicted later this week. I welcomed the sun today, it has been a long time since I have seen it (or so it seems)
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Oh gosh! The weather is just awsome here in NZ at the moment. I went out today with my grandparents and it was sooooo lovely and sunny at the beach, this has been the best day of 2004 so far.

Sorry to everyone having poor weather.
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Yup another cold day.

Getting used to it. I love the winter.
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So far, this week, we've been at nearly 80 every day. It is now 7:00 a.m. and 60 degrees. We haven't had the furnace on, in over a week. Overnight lows have been in the 50s. I love Arizona!
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