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cure ideas for long term cat to cat agression?

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My Siamese Simba is very loving to my husband and myself and for that matter, any other human stranger that he meets. He only acts aggressively to his sister, Faline. He'll give her an ominous eye once in a while, then will stalk her and pounce on her, not terribly hurting her but doing enough damage to pull some of her coat hair out. Do you think if I used Feliway spray or comfort zone plug in, it would calm Simba and easy his 'stalking' tendencies to his co-kitty sister? What other ideas do you think would work to ease Faline's defensivness toward Simba and Simba's aggressiveness toward Faline?
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I am assuming that Simba is neutered. If not, you will likely find that his aggression decreases significantly upon having the surgery.

If he is neutered, this just might be the way he maintains dominance in the household. In my experience, one of the best ways to allow one cat to be alpha without constantly having to assert his dominance is to have several elevated perches the alpha cat can claim. It seems that when the alpha cat can show his dominance by sitting high above the others he has no need to attack to remind others how strong he is.

So, I would suggest purchasing or building a cat tree or put perches in your windows or making other platforms where Simba can hang out.

If this doesn't work, perhaps a 2 or 3 week separation with careful re-introduction is what is needed.
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Simba is definitely a neutered cat, since I adopted him from Tampa humane society (they told us he was neutered), lotofcats-I guess this his way showing his dominance in the household. He doesn't do that to Nala or Tiger, but they're both considered 'children' to him, Faline is his age. I guess that would be why he does this? I do have one cat post with one 6 ft platform, and he sometimes sits on top of a stack of car wheels on top of the laundry dryer. Frequently during other times when he's down on the floor, and when he's near Faline, he is eyeing Faline and Faline is growling.
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I'm glad he is neutered and I'm glad you have some good perches. I think adding a comfort zone diffuser or two might be helpful. Of course sometimes cats simply do not like each other. I have two that get along with the rest of my crew but who just cannot tolerate each other. Perhaps that is part of the problem here. does sound like Simba is the alpha and wants to make sure Faline knows it!
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