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Originally posted by catlover67
I do think children who are bullied can become suicidal over it but not USUALLY homicidal.
That is what the research shows. Some researchers are trying to figure out why the small number of kids become homicidal and what predicts suicide among bully victims. That sad thing is that if grown-ups were willing to take it seriously, the incidence and severity of bullying would decline dramatically. But, as long as grown-ups ignore it, bullying will continue with a vengance!
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I was picked on a lot in school, not really bullied as in like beat up or anything, but just made fun of.. It was more confusing to me than anything else. I couldn't understand why people didn't want to be nice.. I still don't get it.

I do though think that there's a difference between being picked on for how you are and being picked on because of how you choose to be. I know that when people called me names in grade school it made me sad and almost ashamed to be me, but whenever I got into highschool and I got into the punk rock thing, when people would make fun of my choice of lifestyle I would be MAD So basically I was a lot more depressed getting picked on about stuff that I did not have a choice about, but I would defend my choices to the end. If someone would come up to me and say "You are ugly," I might go home and cry. If someone came up to me and said "Your music sucks," I might have punched them in the face. Of course not now, but at that age people don't think as clearly as when they are older.. One day over the summer I found my diary from maybe 4th grade and it was all about how I feel so alone and everyone hates me, etc, and I cried my eyes out reading it because sometimes you just forget about how bad it was. I am SO glad it's over.
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