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I made my mouse some food.....

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do you think I made enough?

I don't know what I was thinking, I only have one mouse.....
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oh my!!! You are trying to get your mouse into the size of your cat??? That's a whole lot of food!!
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Might as well get some more mice and have a have enough food now
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That's gonna be one huge mouse!! Can you freeze it? ..... the food NOT the mouse!
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Your mouse looks a little overwhelmed!

Looks like you cook like I do. I always make enough to feed an army. In your case it's just an army of mice! LOL
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HAHA!Wow,only one mouse??lol!Hmmm..Thats going to be a BIG mouse!
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The mouse looks like hes ready to take the plunge and jump right in the middle of all that food Hes a cutie

My daughter wants a mouse, since the demise of her poor hamster She said either that or a parrot- like we NEED more pets!!
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Wow this is one luck mouse!
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OMG ROTFLMAO this is to funny .
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Awww! What a lucky mouse!
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Aww I can't see it! Sounds like such a cute pic too!
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Big Kat, here's the link

Thanks everyone! She's a rescue more or less. I fished her out of the feeder mouse tank at the pet store. I know you can't rescue all the feeders, but if I can help out one tiny mouse, I will. She's spoiled too, she has a 30 gallon tank and enough food to feed an army....of mice. I can freeze the food, that's not a problem. I used to have rats, and I was used to making enough for 5 or 6 rats, for a few weeks. After I got it mixed, I couldn't believe I had made that much. She was in a cage with mixed genders, and it looks like we're going to have an army of mice of our own in a few days. Poor thing was tiny when I got her, too young to get pregnant if you ask me. Hopefully her instincts will kick in and she'll be a good mother. I'm going to keep all the females with her, and if I can't find good pet homes for the males, I'll keep them too.
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Isn't it infuriating how pet stores keep small animals? I got my daughter a hamster a few years ago for the same reason- she was in a cage with a few other hamsters. Now, hamsters are NOT social animals, and she was a little beat up, as well as pregnant. I thought she was just a chubby hammie I ended up keeping one of her babies, who can resist a baby hamster?

Good luck with your mousey- does she have a name?- and her wee ones to come :rainbow:
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Oh, well if she's eating for a family then that might be enough for her. Poor girl - I'm glad you came along and rescued one little mouse, which turns out to be many little mouses.
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Darn it I still can't see it, even in the link. I wonder what is wrong with my comp that I can't see that one photo. I can always see everyone's photos.

Well anyway that's great that you saved the little thing and it sounds like she is a very lucky girl with her big living space and lots of food!!
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Big Kat,

I'm determined now.....
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I love your mousie!!!, What a cute picture!
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I thought the mouse WAS the food!

Sorry, that was Zero typing at first!
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Dawn it's an adorable photo!!!! I'm glad I can finally see it, thank you for trying so hard!! The little mouse looks like he's looking over the grand canyon filled with mouse food or something!

Too cute!!!
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