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Close call (long)

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Right after passed on I went back to the rescue shelter. They just happened to have 3 feral kittens that were scheduled to be released the next day. The kitties were sick with runny eyes and a URI but there was no room to keep them until they were well. Being the soft touch I am, I agreed to foster and socialize them for adoption. They were timid enough that I could give them their meds without much trouble. After not even a week, they were getting used to me and life was good.

Because they had been sick, I wasn't able to give them their vaccines until Christmas Eve. Five days later, when I got home from work the isolation bathroom floor was half covered in that biley/green vomit and one kitten was obviously sick. This of course is one of the prominent symptoms had had. I rushed him in and got sub-cut fluids and antibiotics pumped into him. Unfortunately, he passed on about 2:30 AM.

My concern turned to the other two kitties and I moved them to a different room. Knowing they were probably infected, I dreaded opening the door to the bathroom fearing what I might find. Very late the next evening I found a small puddle of green vomit but both kitties looked ok. I could only pray for a miracle. I was really reluctant the next morning to open their door (even though I had been waking up every 2 hours and checking on them) but things looked ok. I kept a close eye on them during the day whilst I, and perhaps they, slowly died. I missed it in the early afternoon when one of them vomited some more green stuff. I think it was probably V8 as he was acting a bit depressed. I took them both in and got fluids and antibiotics into them. I took an IV bag and antibiotics home with me so I could administer as needed. Some New Years Eve!

V8 didn't eat that night at all nor the next morning and was very lethargic so I administered more fluids to him. Roscoe, the other kitty, seemed fine and I had him isolated from V8. I also had Science Diet A/D to force feed him if necessary but decided to hold off on that. By evening, V8 had perked up a bit and hadn't thrown up any more but looked a bit dehydrated so I forced some water in him. He still wasn't interested in eating so I warmed up some of my mother's turkey gravy and he licked it up. I slathered some on a bit of food and he nibbled a few bites. JOY! JOY! JOY!

Over the next day or so V8 regained his appitite and is now doing OK. Roscoe lost his appitie over the past weekend. I kept him hydrated but he wouldn't eat. Not even turkey gravy. On the second day I tried squirting some of the turkey gravy into his mouth and that seemed to break the ice and he ate a bit. Roscoe was not lethargic but instead had started craving attention which was a complere turn-around has he had been the most fearful and withdrawn.
While I had wanted to wait a full 2 week separation of Roscoe & V8 because that seems to be the max incubation period for panleukopenia. However, I felt it in Roscoe's best interest to reunite him with V8 and reluctantly did so. They were so happy to see each other

Both V8 and Roscoe seem to be doing ok but it's going to be at least another week before I feel I can relax. I won't feel really safe until they both get their 2nd round of vaccines. After all that, how am I ever going to let them get adopted out

What happened?! My best guess is thatV8, and perhaps Roscoe, started to get sick but the vaccine hadn't yet fully protected him but had just enough time to ramp up his immune system enough to enable him to fight it off. That, or little is watching over him/them
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I'm so glad those two are feeling better. Thank you for taking such excellent care of them! You're an yourself!
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How scary! I'm glad they are pulling out of it and how they continue to get better. Thanks for being willing to work so hard to help them.
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Oh my goodness . Bless your heart for taking care of them . I know I would be hurt too just like you when one gets sick . You really are a true for them . I hope everything will be all right now with the two kitties .
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Oh what an angel you are!!!! I can't imagine how much angst you felt - isn't just awful? I'm so glad you were able to pull them through - and I'm all for believing your Angel was there to help.

I'm so sorry one of the little ones passed on.

So.... are you going to keep them? Giving up fosters is the hardest thing to do!!!! We've managed to adopt out a few, but after all we went through with little Flowerbelle, she's living with us now and not going anywhere!
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My original plan had been to keep V8 and adopt out the other 2. I liked V8 from the first moment. Whereas the other 2 were another set of cute kittens, V8 had a rough edge about him. He was the sickest - had a very severe case of conjuctivitus and almost lost an eye and, to put it diplomatically, the notching of his ear had not been done with care and kindness. Tis also where his name derives from - 'V' for the botched notch, 8 for 9 - 1 lives.

With only Roscoe left of the cutesome twosome it will probably be harder to adopt him out. He may not do well separated from V8 but he may turn out to be ok with cats not from his colony. We'll see how he does with my other 2 as soon as his quarantine is over. I didn't really plan on having 3 cats, let alone 4 as I am financially constrained at the moment. I take it that a lot of people here got sucked into having more kitties than they had planned on. So, we'll play it by ear. Besides, it won't be the first homeowners assoc. rule I'd have broken .
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