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Baby kitty rescue

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I have never done this before. I hope that I am following the prescribed format.
On Sunday morning, at 4:15 I was waken by the sound of a pathetic cry for help from a cat. Because I live in the deep woods I needed to wait until almost dawn before I could investigate this poor baby's cry for help.

When I found the baby I was dismayed to see that it was just about brand new. The cord was still attached to his little tiny body. The cord was dry but it was there.The baby couldn't have weighed more than a couple of ounces.

Here is my question: I have been mothering this baby since Sunday. Every couple of hours I would use an eyedropper to give him some milk. The eyedropper wuld be about 1/4 full and he would get about 3 or 4 of them. I would know it was time to feed him becaause he would start to cry and I knew when to stop because he would fall back to sleep.

We have a "cat house" that my husband built for other cats who sometimes pass through. It is open to the outside but still protected. I kept the baby in there. I kept him there hoping that his mommy would come and look for him. I tried to give him to the mommy's that are about right now and they rejected him. I also kept him there because with our a/c on it was warmer there than in the house and I thought he needed the warmth.

He died tonight. What I want to know is what more could I have done, what should I really have been feeding him and how often, why would a mommy abandon her baby this way, could I have been successful in trying to save this baby and should I try again if it happens again or just ignore the cry for help?

I am feeling very distressed by this and any help I could get would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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we just had another member lose a couple of really young babies. they were older than yours but still very young.

check out the thread in the cat lounge called fading kitty syndrome, it has links that will explain in more detail why your kitty didn't make it.

the thread that the other member started who lost her kitties is called 'why, why, WHY????????' and I think you'll see that it wasn't yours, or her fault that you guys lost the kitties.

you may want to repost this in health/nutrition, since this is the feedback forum, and doesn't have as much traffic and may get lost.

sorry to hear about the loss
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I've moved your thread into the Health and Nutrition forum. You'll get more responses here. Sorry to hear about the kitty.
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I am very sorry for your loss. That is not a happy way to enter into our little family here at TCS. There are special formulas that young kittens must have in order to get proper nutrition - but I think that this little angel didn't have much of a chance, given his start in life. I am just thankful for him that he did not have to suffer in the great outdoors all alone, and that a compassionate and loving human was there to help him to the Bridge. Thank you for caring and for being there. I am convinced that God remembers these litte kindnesses.
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You were wonderful to rescue that little baby. He had nurturing and warmth which he would not have gotten if you hadn't rescued him.

I know how depressed you must be feeling. Please don't even think of not trying again. I know you couldn't ignore a cry for help even if you wanted to. You are an angel. God bless you for your effort!
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So sorry you lost the baby. You did all you could so dont blame yourself. Just like Debra said he didnt suffer and die all alone in the outdoors. He had your care love and compassion.
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Thank you for all of your support and understanding. I knew this was the place to go to get what I needed. Although, I don't look forward to a helpless baby coming my way again, I think that I may be better able to help it next time.
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gert452000 hi,

Sorry for your losss I am sure you did your best...I wanted to remind you a couple of things though, in case it was your first experience with a baby cat & didn't know much what to do..

New born kittens can't regulate their body temperatures, so they need to be in a warm place (not hot!). You can put a hot water bag (covered with some cloth) in their box or a lamp over their box in case the kittens don't have their mother..

The kittens can't eliminate without their mothers stimulating them by licking their rears. Son you need to do the stimulation by a damped cloth/cotton so that the kittens will do their job

And, regular milk isn't that nutritious for them. There are special kitty formulas..You can put 1 egg yolk, some mayonnaise & crush some egg shells (they should be crushed really well) until you can get the baby formula..

The cat might already be ill & the mother could have left her just for this reason..Or the mother could be a 1st time mother & didn't know what to do ??

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