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Good tidings!

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Well, my new job is going fantastically! I now work at the airport in my town. I've been trained in the courier run for two sections of town and with the nightly mail runs. And boy do I have a different perspective of couriers. I mean I always kept out of their way and did my best not to slow them down, but now I actually realise how stressful the job can be at times.

Baggage handling is still enjoyable. I'm learning more. Though I only know how to take it off the plane. I don't know how to pack things into the cargo holds yet. But I can read the information about where things go. I just don't know if I'll ever be able to pack it as fast as the pros do. Very nerve racking!

I'm slowly being taught as to how to put the stairs to the plane to let people off the plane. We only have small planes that come in and we only have stairs. This is a tad nerve racking considering that I would like to practice moving the thing around when there is no plane so I'm confident in lining it up. I don't want to hit the lever that lets out the inflatable stairs! That delays the plane for THREE hours!! Did I mention that I LOVE the courier side of things best?

Even though I'm on probation for three months, they've had me do a course in handling non-dangerous goods, getting me to apply for a permanent security pass that includes a photo and organising me to do another course, and I think eventually getting a forklift license. PHEW...that's quite a bit of training.

Our housemate managed to buy the digital camera in Japan. He gets back on the 17th of Jan, (16th of Jan for most you folks), so I will be making time to take pictures, sign up for imagestation AND hopefully post pictures for the FIRST time ever!!
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I'm waiting for your pics!!!
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Mags, sounds like the New Year is off to a great start for you. It's always good when you enjoy your job.

Can't wait to see pics of Russel and Esper!!
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I'm SOOO excited!!

I'll even be able to take a million and one times infinity photos of Russell, Esper and of the new kitten when it comes home.

Had practice of the stairs today and all I had to do was line it up to a wall. I dismally failed the first time but got it the second time. Though I need so much more practice.

Applied for my security pass today and will have it in five weeks.

Though I am stressing about it. I know I will pass the standard police check but I have no idea what ASIO will say. ASIO is Australia's intelligence group. I really wish the political climate was less tense.
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Glad the New Year has kicked off well for you!

I can't wait to see pictures of your kitties.

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