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Feline Acne?

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Tiki has a white chin, and it's always got tiny black specks under there.

I did a search online and this seems to be a symptom of feline acne.

Has anyone had experience with this?

I guess this means a vet visit, but man, are we getting killed on the vet bills...
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You just need some hydrogen peroxide, cotton balls and clean it out about 3 times a day (gently) Toss any bowls that are plastic and switch to metal, ceramic or glass. Clean the bowls three times a day, every time the cat eats out of them.
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Amber had that when we first brought her home. It can be brought on by stress too. I just let it heal on its own and after a few weeks everything was ok.
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Esper had it a couple of months ago.

It doesn't require a vet visit if the area isn't infected. I basically did what hissy suggested and cleaned the area with hydrogen peroxide.

Stress can bring out acne. Plastic bowls are another common factor. It's better to use ceramic or metal bowls. Make sure all bowls are cleaned after your cat(s) have finished eating. This includes the water bowl as well.
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Plastic or rubber bowls can cause this & also some cats are sloppy eaters ). As long as the area isn't red, warm to the touch or moist (indicating infection) cleaning should be adequate. Hydrogen peroxide will work as a couple of people suggested or even a gentle soap - just rinse well.
If your cat gets canned food, perhaps you need to wipe her chin after meals. It cna also help to put the food on a saucer or flat plate so she is less likely to get it on her chin.
Deb E
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We use ceramic and steel bowls but Tiki is a bit of a chow hound (understatement) and gets her head in there. She put her whole body into the food if she could.

We've been feeding her canned food on the recommendation of the vet, who feels canned food is better for having a good protein/carb ratio.

She does go crazy for our adult cat's dry diet food for some reason, but they're both moderate eaters of the wet food and seem satisfied.

I'll try the hyrogen peroxide, flat plates and keeping her clean and see how it goes.
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It's always those white chined kitties isn't it. Well actually I think it just shows up more on them. Jordan had it & I used peroxcide & switched to ceramic bowls at first. The ceramic bolws helped, but it was still there, now I've switched to stainless steel & his acne is almost gone.
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