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Legislature is back in session

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So please, if you hear of legislation that we as animal lovers should be aware of let us all know so we can contact our appropriate representatives at the local, state and national level.

I heard the first one tonight, and the Colorado Legislature met for the first time today. One of the proposed pieces of legislation is a 1 strike for dog bite law. I will post more information on it when I find it, but that is just ridiculous IMO. Any dog can make a mistake, a brat pulls on it's ear too hard, someone comes too close to their owner that they don't know....gosh, so many things could happen!

Anyway, so there's my first report to TCS on animal legislation in the upcoming sessions.
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I think a lot of it should depend on the severity of the bite. A ferocious attack that mauls a person or another animal may be enough to indicate that there's something very wrong with that dog. A nip coming from a provoked dog is something totally different. Can't treat them the same way IMHO.

Thanks for the updates Heidi! Very interesting - please keep them coming!
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Being in Colorado Myself I think they should some kind of exceptions to the law. But I still think that in some cases like the whole Dog attacks this summer that killed a women and then just days later attacked that man. Plus the fact that those dogs had also had previous attacks the year before. That is one case that I think the dogs deserved what happened to them. Now if only the owners would have had the same fate for letting the dogs behave like that. But anyway!!!! I think that the law will be a good thing to have. Just to take care of all the people that do get HARSH attacks.
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