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shedding (again)

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I know this has been discussed, but I can't find anything that helps. Kinsey is shedding so bad that I can't keep up with it. We live in Michigan, so it's definitely not the weather. It seemed to start after I changed them from Natural Balance to Innova so I switched back over a month ago (they don't have sensitive stomachs and didn't even seem to notice the switch), but it hasn;t helped the shedding either.

What illnesses can cause a cat to shed a lot? She isn't acting sick in any other way, so I don't think she is...plus Mosley usually pees on my bed when Kinsey is sick and she hasn't done this ( yeah I know it's weird!!!). But I jsut want to research what it might possibly be.

I've tried hairball treatment that is supposed to help with shedding and recently started adding fish oil to their food but this isn't helping either. Of course I brush her regularly, but it doesn't lessen the shedding at all. Mosley doesn't seem to be shedding more than usual, just Kinsey.

Any other ideas on why this might be happening or how to stop it?
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what kind of cat do you have? some cats are prone to shedding more than others. and how often do you brush?
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I've heard that stress can cause shedding.

Has there been anything that may have been stressful? Moving of furniture? Repairs been done? Anything different from your usual routine?

A deficiency in diet could possibly trigger shedding but I don't know of any problems associated with your brands of cat food.

Is Kinsey an indoor kitty or an indoor/outdoor kitty. Perhaps it could be an allergic reaction to something. Is the shedding localised in a particular area?
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They are both short haired, indoor cats, about 2years old, living with me here for like 6 months and this just started about a month ago. I try to brush Kinsey a few times a week with a Zoom Groom. I used to not be able to get any hair off her with that and now I can get a ton. I can't think of anything that changed except I've been on break from school so I'm home more. Hopefully that isn't stressing them out though!!! Though I guess the lack of a structured daily routine might be stressing her out.

Thank you for the replies. I really appreciate any opinions on what might be causing this or what I can do to help her.
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